Making the decision to become a professional event decorator is a very exciting one! Your career will involve creativity and daily hands-on experiences. No one day will be the same, and your job will be ever changing with time. If you’re looking to start a career of excitement, creativity and fun, here are the five steps to becoming a professional event decorator.

  • Finding a Program

If you’re thinking about a career change, it’s likely you already have one to begin with. When will you find the time to go back to school for a new trade? What program will you enroll in? At IWED Global, we offer in-person workshops or online, accredited event designer program. Our curriculum involves five units segmented into 24 comprehensive lessons. Through our professional trainers and videos, you will learn about event decorating and the essentials required for success.

  1. Dedication

This lifestyle and career change will require dedication. To be a successful event decorator and planner, it is important to give this program your full attention. Your new career will be focused on paying attention to detail. Treat the course load the same. Learn as much as you can and pay attention to the details! The knowledge you gain through IWED Global will propel and carry you into your career someday.

  1. The Curriculum

Learning our extensive curriculum is the next step to becoming a professional event decorator. Our curriculum is designed to teach students everything they need to know in the realm of event decorating, planning and more. The curriculum includes courses related to backdrop draping, skirting, chair decor, lighting techniques, ceremony locations, social media and marketing, starting your own small business and more. After completed our well-rounded program, you are one step closer to becoming a professional event decorator.

  1. Practice

Any form of school requires studying and practice to be successful. If you don’t feel confident or want to strengthen a particular lesson, practice! If you feel that your draping isn’t perfect, grab the materials and spend time practicing the lesson in your spare time. If you’re making a career change, you want to feel confident in your new trade. Put in the time and work to ensure you will feel confident when you leave IWED Global.

  1. Decide Your Path

Once you have completed IWed Global’s  accredited event design practical training, you are ready to pursue your career as a professional event decorator. The lessons you have learned and fundamentals of the business have prepared you for your new career. Whether you are starting your own business or joining an agency, you will possess the education and knowledge needed to be successful in the industry.
Visit our website and view our curriculum to learn more about our program. Your career path could drastically change with our extensive, well-rounded program at the Institute of Wedding and Event Design.