Event design covers everything from draping to lighting, color schemes down to seat covers. You may be wondering why seat covers are important when designing an event. At IWED Global, we teach event decorating courses that emphasize the importance of paying attention to the details. Our event decoration courses teach your role as a designer and how important the little touches can be for a perfect event. Now, it’s time to talk about how you can find the perfect seat covers for your event.


What kind of event are you designing or decorating? Seat covers are crucial for setting the tone of a particular event. Is your event formal, casual or somewhere in between? Seats without covers can make an event seem less elegant and formal, taking away from other aspects of your design.


As a designer, it is important to know the size and shape of the chairs you have chosen for your event. If you are using square chairs, choose linens that will fit snugly onto the chairs and look spectacular. Consider neutral colors with a clean finish so that the seat covers will not distract from your event decor. If you choose a rounded chair, these seat covers can be a little more tricky. Knowing your dimensions and seat count is essential to choosing the perfect seat covers for your event.


Choosing the perfect seat covers for your event is only a small fraction of event design and decoration. At IWED Global, we teach event decorating courses for our future event designers! Not only do we teach workshops across the country, but we also offer an accredited online program for our out of state, busier students.
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