Custom Dance Floor Wrapping Course | Deerfield Beach, FL | Mar 21, 2024

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Custom Dance Floor Wrapping Course | Deerfield Beach, FL | Mar 21, 2024


MARCH 21, 2024


98 SE 7th St.
Deerfield Beach, FL 

The Complete Custom Dance Floor Wrapping Course is a hands-on class that makes it easy for you to become a dance floor wrap EXPERT in only 4-5 hours and gain the knowledge and skills to be instantly successful at it without wasting years of your life and tens of thousands of dollars by learning through trial and error. This course is taught by dance floor wrap experts and is ideal for existing and aspiring event industry pros looking to take their business to the next level by offering a valuable new service that is in high-demand for weddings, parties and corporate events. 

The Complete Dance Floor Wrapping Course is your key to be a recognized dance floor wrap expert and earn money doing what you love, learn the secrets, tips and tricks of successful dance floor wrap companies, start offering custom dance floor wrap services and be immediately successful at it, and make your own hours and be you own boss while doing work they truly love and getting paid well for it.

  • Do you want to get a real-world, hands-on education in custom dance floor wrapping and learn by working side-by-side with dance floor wrapping experts? You finally can!

  • What if you could learn how to build your own business around designing and installing gorgeous custom dance floor wraps and finally say goodbye to your boring 9-5 job? We'll show you how!

  • Isn't it time to finally follow your dreams and start spending your valuable time doing things you're passionate about while bringing you true happiness? Of course it is!
  • Can you imagine the feeling of satisfaction you'll have when your hard work is both appreciated and brings joy and happiness to the people who get to experience it? This can be your reality every day!

  • Are you ready to finally be doing what you love while earning enough money to provide the lifestyle that you and your family deserve? Yes!

This class is the absolute best way for you to quickly gain all the technical knowledge and expert techniques to become the #1 rated dance floor wrapping company in your area. 

You’re gonna LOVE this class! Here’s just a taste of what you get with The Complete Dance Floor Wrapping Course:

  • The real secret to success with learning how to custom-wrap dance floors for weddings, parties and events that every aspiring dance floor wrap expert needs.
  • Exactly what you need to attract new customers and add a new income stream by offering custom dance floor wrap services to your customers. 
  • We make it step-by-step simple for you to be a recognized Dance Floor Wrap Expert and start making money doing what you love.
  • Discover how you can use your new dance floor wrap expertise to escape your current 9-5 job and finally become your own boss - no matter what your previous experience!

  • Understand exactly how to find reliable low-cost suppliers for the equipment and supplies you need to create stunning dance floor transformations now... not later!
  • Easily start earning more money by creating an additional revenue stream and charging more for your services, even if you're starting from scratch.

If you want to gain a complete understanding of the design and installation of custom dance floor wraps, learn how to grow your business and create a new stream of revenue by offering custom dance floor wrapping services, and gain the confidence necessary to start a dance floor wrap business or grow your existing business by offering these services to your customers... then The Complete Dance Floor Wrapping Course is definitely for you.

Right now, there are thousands of people across the country who have pursued their passion and are living the life they've always wanted as Custom Dance Floor Wrap Experts.

Whether you're an experienced event industry pro or someone who is taking their first steps in this industry, you'll find that becoming recognized as a certified dance floor wrapping professional is a vital part of your overall success and will establish you as a recognized leader in the industry while giving you valuable new services you can offer to paying customers. 

You could waste the opportunity of a lifetime for your designs to be the center of attention in the heart of the event, you could lose thousands of dollars as your customers outsource flooring designers, or you could continue to work around that ugly carpet design at every event, or you can do what other industry-leading designers have done and take the easy, fast and affordable option which is IWED's Dance Floor Workshop!

What are you waiting for? Reserve your spot in this class before it sells out and join thousands of other successful IWED students who have finally found success doing what they love and loving what they do. Begin your IWED journey today. 
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    What Students are Saying


    At the time it seemed very expensive but now that my revenue has doubled it doesn't expensive at all.

    T. Jackson - South Carolina

    After completing our classes my daughter and I have both received a lot of inquires and we have been hired to design events.

    Erin A. - Michigan

    Our company BLEW....UP.

    J. Winchester - INDIANA

    The course reaffirmed that I know what I’m doing. It also gave me additional knowledge to achieve my goal of having a successful business after retirement from my professional career.

    Paulette T. - Ontario, canada

    IWED is the place to go, if you're thinking about being a designer. The instructors are friendly, patient, kind and they make learning easy.

    E. Thomas - new york

    The classes are a legitimate life changer both personal and professional. You Absolutely will not regret the decision to take the course mentally and financially.

    D. Sanders - TENNESSEE

    Invest in your future. Gain skills and confidence. Start your IWED journey today.

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