How To Get The Look: Coral Draping and Elegant Tablescape Designs

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A Blend of Elegance and Trend...

Our featured setup is a testament to the luxurious possibilities that our products can bring to your event. We've styled a breathtaking scene that merges the soft romance of dusty rose with the classic opulence of gold. The lush floral arrangements, sumptuous drapes, and gleaming table settings are all available for you to create a similar ambiance at your next event.

Why We Love It...

Lucy Molina, the Creative Director of IWED, shares her wisdom on creating designs that go beyond the conventional. "Pick key elements that make a great impact, play off the eclectic fun energy of your event. In this design, the bright and bold coral draping and the BIG key component, Create eucalyptus and coral rose tablescapes to bring in a fun twist that pulled all these elements together."

Where To Get It...

Are you planning a spectacular event and searching for the perfect decor to leave your guests in awe? Look no further than Event Decor Direct, where you can recreate or design your own event space with the latest and most stylish products on the market.

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