It’s summertime which means, it’s time for a backyard wedding! As you enter the wedding industry, you will find that trends such as backyard weddings are becoming increasingly more popular. Backyard weddings are non-threatening, simplistic ceremonies that make a bride and groom feel “at home”.

How do you decorate the perfect backyard wedding?

Wedding decor is ever changing. Trends in the world of wedding decor and design are evolving with people and style. However, one form of wedding decor that does not go out of style is a classic backyard wedding! Before you start decorating the perfect backyard wedding, know the main things you wish to include in this wedding decor.

In theory, a backyard wedding is perfect. Save on that venue and host your special day where you are most comfortable, your own home! Depending on the size of your home, you will need to adjust your guest list accordingly. Next, you will need to decide what wedding decor you would like to incorporate in your backyard wedding. The opportunities are endless! What theme are you aiming for? Here are a few of our suggestions.

Use the Elements to Your Advantage

What is more romantic than saying ‘I Do’ surrounded by mother nature? Use this element as a focal point in your wedding decor. Incorporate wild flowers, sheer draping, string lights/lanterns, etc. Keep your backyard simple and elegant. Design chalkboard signs to direct guests to different sections of your wedding. Make them feel right at home in your backyard! Instead of sparklers or balloons for your grand send off, have guests hold rose petals or various flower petals and toss them as you walk hand in hand as husband and wife. Incorporating nature into your wedding is not only beautiful but timeless.

Keep it Simple

This is your home, make your guests feel welcome! Offer simple, complimentary decor. You don’t want your guests to feel like they aren’t in your own backyard. However, you can use subtle decorating tips such as elegant centerpieces, mood lighting, draping of sorts and other design techniques. Use basic tables and chairs with room for creativity. Spare your creativity on the decor that can be added to the tables and chairs.
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