Accredited Event Designer (A.E.D)

AED Curriculum

Our signature Accredited Event Design Practical Training is spread out over 5 units of which are segmented into 24 comprehensive lessons – from the basics of room draping and hardware to complete Wedding and Event Design techniques and elements.

Our curriculum is identical whether you attend our in-class 5 day workshops or opt to learn from home with IWED Online Videos and Dedicated Instructors.  Upon completion of the AED courses you will gain access to our comprehensive video library, with hours of HD Content so that you can review the full training anytime.  We are constantly adding new videos and updating our curriculum to stay ahead of trends and current in the Wedding and Event Industry.

For a complete price breakdown please see below::
AED Online Tuition
AED Workshop Tuition
For a complete breakdown of our curriculum please see below:

Mon//Unit 1

Lesson 1:
Hardware & Terminology

Lesson 2:
Linens & Fabrics

Lesson 3:
Basic Backdrop Draping

Lesson 4:
Advanced Backdrop Draping

Tue//Unit 2

Lesson 5:
Ceiling Draping Alternatives

Lesson 6:
Ceiling Draping Hardware

Lesson 7:
Ceiling Draping Technique       

Lesson 8:
Tent Draping Techniques

Lesson 9:
Cinderella Skirting

Wed//Unit 3

Lesson 10:
Table Linens & Configuration

Lesson 11:
Banquet Table Draping

Lesson 12:
Round Table Draping & Specialty Tables

Lesson 13:
Principles & Elements of Design

Lesson 14:
Centerpiece Design

Lesson 15:
Fully Set Table & Chair Décor

Thur//Unit 4

Lesson 16:
Ceremony Locations

Lesson 17:
Ceremony Décor

Lesson 18:
4-Post Canopy

Lesson 19:
Round Canopy

Lesson 20:
Lighting Types & Techniques

Fri//Unit 5

Lesson 21:
Starting Your Small Business.

Lesson 22:
Social Media & Marketing

Lesson 23:
Client Consultation & Pricing

Lesson 24:
Booking Your First Event

Unrivaled Media

IWED has the best media library in the industry with over 50 individual step-by-step videos which provide you with a detailed, hands-on approach to event design & execution. With our complete AED video library you have access to:

Basic & Advanced backdrop & room draping

Complete table decor, draping & setup

Complete ceiling draping execution & hardware

Event lighting and setup

And more….!

Hands-on Approach

IWED trains and certifies Event and Wedding Designers all over the world. Our unique hands-on approach to teaching design puts our courses in a league of their own.  The IWED curriculum was designed from the ground-up with the intent to educate through execution, ALL of our students LEARN BY DOING!  With special pricing on materials and products – we ensure our students have access to everything they need to be successful in the career of their dreams!