Have you ever attended an event where the lighting created a certain type of atmosphere? An atmosphere that was romantic, inviting, intimate or something memorable? As an event designer, it is your duty to ensure the event decor is creating an atmosphere through various forms of decor. Today, we will highlight the different atmospheres created using different types of lighting.


Romantic Lighting

The wedding is over, and you are designing a classic, romantic reception. The couple will be taking the center stage for a slow dance, and it’s time for your event decor to shine! How will you approach the romantic lighting? The lighting can create a powerful atmosphere that your guests will connect with instantly. Would a slow dance between a newlywed couple be as romantic without dim, spotlighting? These are important factors to consider when creating a romantic atmosphere with lighting.



Bright, decorative lighting is the key to creating an inviting atmosphere. If you’re planning a celebration, or something upbeat and fun, lighting will play a key role in the event decorations. Overhead, natural and hanging lights are great ways to set a positive atmosphere with lighting.



Intimate events are a very unique event to decorate for. Lighting for events that are intimate includes cocktail events, mixers, wedding receptions, dinners, etc. Creating an intimate atmosphere calls for a specific type of lighting. Intimate lighting means hanging/string lights, dim, low lighting with candles and other soft forms of light.
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