The Psychology of Color Selection

Planning an event comes with great responsibility. Event design is an essential part of the planning process. As an event designer, you are responsible for making critical design choices that will set the tone for your event. Today, we will talk about the psychology of color selection, let’s dig deeper.   Choosing a color palette [...]

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Selecting the Right Fabric for Your Table Draping

Event design classes teach the core fundamentals needed in order to be a successful event designer. This includes professional decision making that only the designer is qualified to do! One duty of the event designer includes selecting the right fabric for your table draping for your event.   In our event design school, we stress [...]

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How To Create Atmosphere With Different Types of Lighting

Have you ever attended an event where the lighting created a certain type of atmosphere? An atmosphere that was romantic, inviting, intimate or something memorable? As an event designer, it is your duty to ensure the event decor is creating an atmosphere through various forms of decor. Today, we will highlight the different atmospheres created [...]

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Transform Any Room With The Right Draping

There many different ways you can use fabric draping to transform a boring room into a magical venue of your dreams. With just a few strategic twists and turning of abundant fabrics, you can discover that the room you once abhorred can actually hold a lot of promise. Create Ceiling Draping Nothing says decadence like [...]

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Little Things Matter Most: Décor Details

Picking event decorations can sure be overwhelming, but it’s those little details that matter when it comes to making a lasting and memorable impact. From linens to table settings, flowers to lighting, and seating arrangements and more, paying attention to each touch can help personalize your wedding to reflect your personality and love. One way [...]

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Picking The Right Flowers For Your Event

There are endless choices to choose from when it comes to event decor. How do you know you are not only making the right decision, but the best decision as well? Having guidelines can help, but it gets down to it, the only thing that matters is that you’re happy with the decision you made. [...]

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Three Tips for Decorating the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

There is nothing quite as magical as an outdoor wedding complete with the beauty of the outdoors and love in the air. Create the perfect outdoor wedding when you combine event lighting and draping to represent the love you share with your special someone. Follow these three simple tips below to design a space as [...]

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The Art of Setting the Right Mood

Setting the tone and ambiance of any event is key to making sure your guests have a good time. Because many factors are incorporated into creating the perfect setting for your event, we’ve highlighted three that we found are a few of the most important for any event. Regardless of whether your event is a [...]

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How to Decorate the Perfect Backyard Wedding

It’s summertime which means, it’s time for a backyard wedding! As you enter the wedding industry, you will find that trends such as backyard weddings are becoming increasingly more popular. Backyard weddings are non-threatening, simplistic ceremonies that make a bride and groom feel “at home”. How do you decorate the perfect backyard wedding? Wedding decor [...]

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How to Create the Perfect Summer Event Decor

Are you hosting a summer event? Events in the summertime are very enjoyable for various reasons. The weather is warmer and summer is a magical season to host a wedding or event. At the Institute of Wedding & Event Design, we teach the core essentials for creating a stunning event decor. Keep it Colorful and [...]

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