Popular Wedding Floral Arrangements

Wedding arrangements are one of the prettiest elements of decor you can incorporate into your design. At the Institute of Wedding and Event Design, we teach the fundamentals to be a successful event designer. Our curriculum includes event design courses, event decorating classes and more. Our accredited program can be completed at one of our [...]

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Should You Always Cover Your Furniture?

As an event designer, it is your job to make the event come to life! Through your event design and decor, your event will truly come alive before your eyes. There are many elements that can make your event truly stunning. At IWED Global, we teach the fundamentals of event design courses. We build our [...]

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The Power of Using Scents to Set the Scene

As an event designer, you may think that visual design is the only powerful tool you can use to set the scene. In our event design courses, we teach ways to set the scene by using creative and unique elements. Design entails creativity and out of the box thinkers. With the help from our curriculum [...]

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Candles Versus Electric Lights

Your role as an event designer includes becoming a lighting expert! Lighting an event is a critical part of our event design courses. In unit 4, you will learn about the importance of lighting, different techniques and how to incorporate it with draping and other decor. Improper lighting can affect the entire mood of an [...]

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The Magic of Nature-based Centerpieces

The current trend in event design involves natural elements and color schemes. Many events are focusing on themes that incorporate nature and earth tones into their design. As an event designer, it is your job to think creatively to bring these thoughts to life through your design! Through our event design courses, you will learn [...]

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Color Selections for Fall Events

Fall is a wonderful time to host an event. There is room for creativity, outdoor capabilities and stunning decor color schemes. At IWED Global, we teach all the elements necessary to be a successful event designer. Our event design courses include lessons regarding color selections, draping, lighting, centerpieces and more. Today, we will talk about [...]

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Finding The Perfect Seat Covers For Your Event

Event design covers everything from draping to lighting, color schemes down to seat covers. You may be wondering why seat covers are important when designing an event. At IWED Global, we teach event decorating courses that emphasize the importance of paying attention to the details. Our event decoration courses teach your role as a designer [...]

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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Favor

A wedding day is not only special for the bride and groom, but also their guests! They’re family and friends have gathered to witness the matrimony and celebrate them in a big way! As an event designer, it is your job to choose the perfect wedding favor to thank them for attending. At IWED Global, [...]

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The Psychology of Color Selection

Planning an event comes with great responsibility. Event design is an essential part of the planning process. As an event designer, you are responsible for making critical design choices that will set the tone for your event. Today, we will talk about the psychology of color selection, let’s dig deeper.   Choosing a color palette [...]

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Selecting the Right Fabric for Your Table Draping

Event design classes teach the core fundamentals needed in order to be a successful event designer. This includes professional decision making that only the designer is qualified to do! One duty of the event designer includes selecting the right fabric for your table draping for your event.   In our event design school, we stress [...]

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