Fall is a wonderful time to host an event. There is room for creativity, outdoor capabilities and stunning decor color schemes. At IWED Global, we teach all the elements necessary to be a successful event designer. Our event design courses include lessons regarding color selections, draping, lighting, centerpieces and more. Today, we will talk about your role as an event designer and how to select the proper colors for your fall event.

When you think of fall, what colors do you see? As an event designer, it is your job to have the creative eye and have color selections and ideas ready to present to the client. Now, let’s talk color selections for fall events.

Shades of orange, brown, red, burgundy and green are the theme of fall. Consider this, what type of event are you hosting? How can you incorporate these beautiful fall colors into your event design? The fall season allows you to be creative with elements that are unique to the season. These elements include the use of pumpkins, leaves, autumn inspired colors,

You have your color palettes, and you’re trying to decide which scheme will best represent your event. Fall color selections can be lush and bright with an emphasis on oranges, yellows and reds. Events such as weddings and parties are the perfect stage for vibrant color schemes that highlight the best shades of fall. However, if you are the event designer for a more rustic wedding or corporate event, you would want to take a more subtle approach to the color selections. Consider a color selection featuring light browns, dulled reds/oranges, off whites, and other natural based colors.

At IWED Global, we teach all of our future event designers the necessary elements for a successful career in event design. Our courses are offered online (5 units-24 comprehensive lessons) are through a five-day, in-person workshop. Learn more about our curriculum and how you can be an event designer with our accredited program.