Social Media Marketing Course | Atlanta | June 16th | 2022
Social Media Marketing Course | Atlanta | June 16th | 2022 $795.00 $1,195.00
DATESJune 16th, 2022 TIMES9am-1pm LOCATION Crowne Plaza, Atlanta GA201 Aberdeen Pkwy, Peachtree City, GA 30269 Join us for an incredible, hands-on seminar, educating you on Social Media Marketing, in Atlanta, GA! Network with other designers as you learn all the necessary skills & techniques to market your business using social media, allowing you to make more connections, generate leads, and gain exposure. Our small class size and hands-on approach to education will empower you to launch a successful social media campaign and promote yourself and your business well, in order to attract new clients and book more events.  IWED's Social Media Marketing seminar for Wedding & Event Designers is a hands-on training class designed to help you learn how to use social media to its full potential in generating more sales. Social Media Marketing will make it easy for you to experience amazing results as a social media rockstar, which will funnel in more paying clients to your business, without spending money on hiring a social media expert.  Do you have a creative mind and drive to succeed? Do you want to wake up every morning knowing that your work brings joy and joy to those who work with you? What if you could finally be doing what you love every day... AND get paid to do it? Right now there are thousands of people across the country who are using social media to market themselves and their businesses to boost their sales and grow.  Whether you're an experienced event industry pro or someone who is taking their first steps in this industry, you'll find that becoming well-versed in social media platforms, how it all works, and the analytics is VITAL. In today's marketplace, it is key to your overall success as a business owner in wedding and event design AND will establish you as a recognized leader in the industry.  You’re going to LOVE this class! Here’s just a taste of what you get... The easy button to fill your calendar with clients by using social media -- IMMEDIATELY. Avoid spending thousands $$$ to hire social media experts or pay for numerous ineffective marketing campaigns as you aspire to be #1 in wedding and event design on social media.  Learn how to use social media to boost your exposure and build a following as you aspire to be the #1 wedding and event designer online - No experience required! Quickly get more followers without spending your hard-earned cash on ads... even if you think you can't do it! Learn the golden keys to experiencing amazing results as a social media rockstar that funnels paying clients to your business. Eliminate stress over having polished and professional social media presences once and for all! Quit wondering how you can learn these new skills for the online world, and gain confidence in your abilities - this class is the solution you've been looking for! Your journey to becoming a Social Media Rockstar starts the moment you walk in the door... even if you think you don't have the skills necessary for success or the time and money needed to gain those skills! This course is valued at over $2000 and you can get it for ONLY $395 !!! THIS IS YOUR CHANCE ... your affordable solution to learn how to use social media; do it right, without being corny; without being annoying. Start seeing RESULTS from your efforts. No more shouting into the void, putting in the effort, and making countless posts that go nowhere and get seen by no one.  There are tons of wannabe influencers and struggling business owners on social media right now doing it ALL wrong, and that's why they're NOT seeing results. With IWED's Social Media Marketing seminar you'll learn key techniques, tips, and tricks to build a lasting online presence as a Social Media ROCKSTAR. Gain the knowledge to implement best practices on your social media accounts that yield results: book MORE CLIENTS without spending MORE! Have customers direct message YOU asking for your services. Get more followers to boost exposure, traction, and interest for your business. Experience amazing results! Stop spending money on ads online! You could keep hoping that clients will come to find your same old Facebook page, you could spend thousands of dollars each month for agencies to find you, followers, continue to scratch your head as you boost your posts with no results, or you can do what other industry-leading designers have done and take the easy, fast and affordable option which is IWED's Social Media Marketing Course. What are you waiting for? Reserve your spot in this class before it sells out and join thousands of other successful IWED students who have found success doing what they love and finally living the life they deserve. Begin your IWED journey today. 

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