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The IWED team is dedicated to making your business grow.  You’ve learnt all that is needed to start or enhance your Decor Business and now it’s time to get out in the market.  Our dedicated Business Coach is waiting to assist you and your business in any way we can.  Each IWED Graduate gets 2 FREE coaching calls!
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How It Works

In the first 2 calls we will get to know you and offer advice on getting started on the right path. You will work on a plan of action to see Instant Results.  Our coaches are highly trained and ready to help you with business advice such as marketing, business setup, connecting with clients and meeting your goals. Our coaches can also help you balance your life with your new business and help guide you to finding the best methods to managing your time and achieving what you want at home and at work.

Coaching Packages

The introductory 6 month package is available for as low as $89 per month which includes 2 coaching calls per month. Your coach will keep you motivated and on the path to success.

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