A wedding day is not only special for the bride and groom, but also their guests! They’re family and friends have gathered to witness the matrimony and celebrate them in a big way! As an event designer, it is your job to choose the perfect wedding favor to thank them for attending. At IWED Global, we teach event designer courses that will teach you the important aspects of event design, such as choosing the wedding favor. In this blog, we will highlight some of the things we teach in our event decor classes, specifically, wedding favors. Let’s get started!


Choosing a wedding favor is important, but there are steps to take in order to choose the perfect gift.



  • Get to Know Your Clients


You HAVE to know your clients in order to choose the perfect wedding favor. Our event designer courses are structured to teach you that the client/designer relationship is the key to a successful event. When you’re picking a wedding favor, learn about your clients and their guest list. Become familiar with the people who will be attending their wedding and the overall style.


  1.  Choose a Theme for the Favors

What is the theme of the wedding you are designing? The options for favors are endless! Here are a few of our favorite options that wedding guests will love. Be sure the options coincide with your theme. Edibles, these options include chocolates, personalized candies with monogram or date wrappers, small chocolate covered fruit baskets. Regional items, go to the local stores and compile a gift set filled with the local flavor including jams, jellies, sauces, mixes, coffee and more. Personalized items make great wedding favors such as embroidered koozies, golf balls, t-shirts, bags, mugs, etc. Think outside the box and really wow your clients’ guests with a commemorative gift they will always remember your day by.


  1. Event Designer Courses

Do you want to learn more about the art of event design? If so, we can teach you all the fundamentals of event design, decor and planning with our accredited program. Learn more about our programs and how you become a professional event designer at your own pace, in a matter of weeks! IWED Global has the best in-person and online workshops.
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