Your role as an event designer includes becoming a lighting expert! Lighting an event is a critical part of our event design courses. In unit 4, you will learn about the importance of lighting, different techniques and how to incorporate it with draping and other decor. Improper lighting can affect the entire mood of an event. As an event designer, it is your job to ensure the lighting properly represents the tone and feel of your event. At IWED Global, we teach event design courses to prepare you for these moments in your event design career.

Electric lights are commonly used for events. When you attend a corporate event, conference or wedding, it is likely that you are faced with electric lights. They are used to light events with more people in attendance, in larger venues. However, candles can also be used in different scenarios. Let’s take a look at the difference between the two.

If you are the event designer for an intimate gathering or wedding, candles can be the perfect soft touch for your event. Candles are soft, complimentary lighting versus electric lights that can often be harsh or less romantic. This is where the theme of your event comes into play as an event designer. As the event designer, you need to assess the guest list, the venue and event in order to decide whether candles or electric lights are best suited for the occasion.

In our event design courses, we teach everything from linens and fabrics, to choosing the ceremony decor, starting your own business, managing your own marketing/social media and more. At IWED Global, we prepare you for success as a future event designer. We teach the fundamentals of event design and the tools you require in order to make a career in this field.

Learn more about our accredited wedding and event design program here! We offer five day, in person workshops or the flexibility of online courses broken down into five units and 24 comprehensive lessons. Contact us today to get started as an event designer.