Want a Career Where No Two Days are the Same? Become a Wedding Planner

Want a Career Where No Two Days are the Same? Become a Wedding Planner

Has the monotony of your day job started to really take its toll? Are you tired of always doing the same thing every day? Want to try something that offers you constant surprises, while making people happy? It’s time to become a wedding planner!

Wedding planners are always on the hunt for ways to turn their events into totally unique productions. Therefore, you’ll never have two days exactly alike in this career. Every wedding will be different, every couple unique, and every love story fresh and exciting. Don’t know where to start? Our comprehensive event planner certification program is the easiest and best way to become a wedding planner on your own time.

Wedding Planners Make Magic Happen Every Day

Is there anything more exciting than helping happy couples start their new lives together with a gorgeous celebration? As a wedding planner, you’ll be surrounded by love all day, every day, and it’s your job to turn the devotion that two people have for each other into a magical event for all to share. Your daily life will consist of combining creativity with finely-honed skills learned from our event planner certification program. You’ll leave the program with everything you need to design an event, plan an event, execute an event, and think on your feet at every step of the way.

Become a Wedding Planner at Your Own Pace

Our program is completely self-paced, so you can become a wedding planner however it suits your schedule. The program was created by event industry professionals, who combined decades of experience and advice into this easy educational model. There are three modules that each takes you through a key part of wedding planning. You’ll also get industry advice on breaking into the industry, building professional relationships, and more. As you learn how to creatively design unique weddings and think outside the box when it comes to problem-solving, you’ll begin to understand just how different each day will be as a wedding planner. 

Event Planner Certification - Starts When You’re Ready!

You can get started with this event planner certification program when you’re ready. The program takes two years to complete, and you’ll have the support of experienced professional instructors and a private Facebook group to help you stay motivated and informed during that time. You’ll always have round-the-clock access, so it’s easy to work your studies into your own schedule. While you dream of a day when your day job isn’t so monotonous, you can be working towards a future in an exciting and growing industry!

Once you graduate, you’ll have an internationally recognized industry qualification, and you’ll be poised to break into the industry immediately. With the skills and creativity you’ll learn, you’ll start impressing your clients right away, meaning your portfolio will be growing before you know it.

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