Professional Skill Building - Essential If You Want to Become a Wedding Planner

When you first think to yourself “I would love to become a wedding planner!”, you probably envision romantic moments where you save the special day for a lovely couple, or think about all the cool wedding themes you’ll get to try out from your favorite Pinterest boards. But as many professionals come to find out, getting a wedding planner certification is only partly the business of love. More of what you’ll learn in our wedding planner certification course has to do with the professional skills you need to keep a big production running smoothly.

What Professional Skills Do You Need to Become a Wedding Planner?

In our course, we’ve defined certain professional skills that we think every wedding planner should have. These are things that may not seem like they apply to weddings specifically, but anyone who is keeping an event running smoothly should be able to:

  • Get and Stay Organized
  • Manage Their Time
  • Communicate with a Huge Team
  • Create and Maintain an Event Bible
  • Set Up and Follow Timelines
  • Arrange, Organize, and Use a Dedicated Workspace

While you may be thinking about wedding themes and choosing the event design, these are the core professional skills that must be built to become a wedding planner.

Why These Skills Come Before Event Design in Our Wedding Planner Certification

If you take a look at the course outline for our wedding planner certification course, you’ll see that these professional skills come before learning how to develop theme concepts, or how to creatively design a wedding. That’s because just about anyone can design a pretty wedding – brides do it on their own all the time with the Internet and a few months of planning. But to be a professional wedding planner, you are responsible for much more than just creating the wedding design. You are also in charge of making sure that everything – from the engagement pictures to the filing of the paperwork after the ceremony – gets done.

This is a lot of responsibility, and it takes someone who has great organizational and time management skills to get it all accomplished. You also have to be able to communicate with everyone from all over the place – from the vendors to the couple to the officiate to the families – and somehow appease them all. Once again, this will take strong organizational skills and great communication. If you want your clients to trust you with their special day, they need to know that you’ve become a wedding planner because you can handle all this and more.

Build These Skills with Our Certification Course

If this sounds intimidating, don’t worry! Our wedding planner certification course covers everything you need to know, and you can do it all online. Become a wedding planner on your own timeline with our self-paced course, and build the professional skills you need to be the hero of every big day.

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