Less Is More: Delivering on a Minimalist Wedding Design Theme

Wedding decor doesn't have to be expensive to make a big impact, here are some tips on making the most of your wedding design budget

So many weddings evoke feelings of luxury and extravagance that it can be hard to imagine a minimal wedding feeling as romantic as a fairy-tale event. But with the right wedding design, any theme can look truly magical. If the minimal look is what you’re after with a wedding design, here are a few ways to deliver an experience that is still going to wow.

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Decide on the Focus for the Wedding Design

While many people think of minimal as being stark or boring, the truth is that minimal simply means fewer elements are needed to create a beautiful atmosphere. Decide early on what you want the big element to be in the wedding design. For example, do you want to focus on lush greenery, and skip out on other décor? Or how about getting rid of the floral element and decorating your winter wedding with ice sculptures instead? By choosing just a single focus, you’ll still have the chance to deliver a gorgeous wedding design.

Monochrome Color Palettes Make Wedding Design a Snap

Minimalist designs are a certified wedding planner’s dream, because it means you don’t have to worry about coordinating too many colors. The classic monochrome look of minimalism is easy to turn into a luxurious experience – simply add more texture in the right color. Whether you are going with an all-white wedding or you’ve chosen a more modern color, you can also add neutrals, such as metallics, to break up the starkness of a single-color design.

Choose an Amazing Venue That Requires No Overdressing

A key to delivering a stunning minimalist wedding design is to choose the right venue. Certain venues can be the décor all on their own, such as a chapel with beautiful stained glass windows, or an outdoor venue with mountains in the background. A beach wedding is a prime example of this tip – let the ocean and palm trees be your décor, and focus instead on highlighting the view with a minimal archway that doesn’t detract.

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Don’t Include Unnecessary Elements

Many couples get hung up on traditional wedding elements that may not even be needed. For example, if a minimal wedding has a small guest list, why not eliminate escort cards and simply allow the ushers to seat guests at the proper tables? This is one less thing that will detract from your beautiful minimalist wedding design. Choosing the elements that you really care about the most, and decreasing any superfluous items, is a key part of delivering on this unique wedding theme.

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