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When it comes to event design, one thing that every professional designer has to consider is consumables. From disposable utensils and napkins, to printed event programs and more, there are dozens of items that ultimately end up in the trash after an event is done. This can have a huge impact on the environment after multiple events. If your company has made a commitment to a greener year, then finding a sustainable event design strategy is a must. Here are a few tips from our event design course professionals.

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Start at the Base of Your Event Design with Green-Certified Vendors

Every event starts with the venue and other vendors. If you can choose green-certified vendors, who make solid efforts towards sustainability in their roles for your event, you will eliminate a lot of the work for yourself. For example, can you find a venue that has a dedicated recycling program that you don’t have to implement yourself? Can you find a caterer that only uses china and linens, and has sustainable methods for sourcing their ingredients? Taking the time to delegate your sustainable strategy to the vendors will save you time down the line.

Eliminate Pre-Event Materials in Your Event Design Plans

We’ve said it before, but pre-event materials are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to waste in event design. Promotional flyers, invitations, save-the-date reminders, and more, are all paper products that add to your event’s overall carbon footprint. If you can, switch most of your communication to electronic reminders, with perhaps one paper mailing for formality. Offer e-ticket opt-in, for a more convenient way to check in and a greener check-in process.

Consider Eco-Friendly Décor in Your Event DesignThere are several ways that you can go green in the event design itself. One thing we discuss in our event design course is when to choose LED lights over other types of lights – and when you’re trying to go green is the best time. LED lights require less power, and offer the same ambience as other lighting options. Other things to consider include choosing living plants as décor over paper or plastic décor items, or choosing biodegradable décor items when you can.

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Consider Resource Use During the Event

Our last tip is to consider what resources are being used during the event, and if they can be reduced at all. For example, if most of your guests are wearing sweaters or keeping their jackets on, why not turn the heat off and save that extra energy? Or consider having your event during the warmest and brightest part of the day so you can reduce heating use and cut down on how many lights you need to have on. Just a few smart tweaks like this can keep your guests comfortable and still help lower your event design’s carbon footprint overall.Want to learn more about smart event design and how it can make a huge difference in all the events you create? Check out our event design course - it’s available in-class or online!

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