How to Use Greenery to Punch Up a Wedding Design

How to use greenery at your wedding

Many people think of bright and beautiful flowers when they picture wedding décor, but one of the many secrets that event professionals learn through a wedding planner certification course is how to use greenery to help complement any wedding design. You can let your flowers make an even bolder statement by using them more sparingly and still have a gorgeous wedding with beautiful nature all around you. Here’s how to use greenery to really punch up the décor.

Classic Wedding Design Elements Transformed with Greenery

Some places you might expect to see greenery include the bouquets and boutonnieres, but picture these items done solely in greenery. The wedding party can carry or wear rich green elements, while the bride and groom stand out with floral elements. This is a budget-saving secret of wedding design that industry pros have been using for decades to help happy couples get exactly what they want on any budget.

Wedding Design Trends in 2018

Greenery Throughout Wedding Design

There are many unexpected ways to use greenery beyond the places where you might expect to see it. For example, why not dress up the cake with greenery to neutralize a bold palette? Because humans understand foliage to be a neutral design element, you can use it in any type of décor scheme without worrying about the color clashing with your event design. So if you want to make your cake look a little more special, but you’re also trying to let some other spectacular element stand out, like the topper or the backdrop, this is a great option. This goes for any area of your wedding. Create a solid wall of greenery to display a huge wedding sign on for a framing element that is elegant and doesn’t take over. Or use greenery in the bride’s hair to add a decorative element without detracting from the glamorous gown or veil.

Green Tabletop Décor in Your Wedding Design

One thing that is effortlessly stylish in any wedding design is to use greenery on the tables. You can easily create beautiful centerpieces, decorate special seats, or show guests where the bar or buffet is, with greenery elements. Not sure how to best drape greenery for a beautiful effect? This is one of the skills we teach in our wedding planner certification course, along with many others. One of the things we emphasize is how easy it is to create the idea of movement with greenery. It drapes more easily than flowers do, which means that you can give your wedding a very elegant feel without much trouble at all.

Wedding Design: Using Texture

Seamlessly Move Outdoors with Green Wedding Design

One final note on using greenery in your wedding design: It makes it perfectly simple to move from an indoor venue to an outdoor reception without losing the feel of your wedding. When you complement the outdoor scenery with natural greenery indoors during the ceremony, your guests will never notice the disconnect as the party heads outside.

Try these tips for yourself to find out how easy it is to create a stunning wedding with this simple design element.

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