How to Introduce Bold Shades & Colors into Wedding Design

How to Use Bold Colors in Your Wedding

Playing with color in a wedding design can get a bit tricky when you start to stray too far from the classic romantic shades. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find the right way to add some personality and pop with color – just that you’ll need to think of classy, elegant ways to do it.

We’re taking a few tips from our wedding planner certification course and sharing them with you today to show you how to introduce some boldness into your wedding design.

Your Wedding Designs Must Reflect Your Accessories

In fashion, one easy rule of thumb for inserting color into your outfit is to grab a bright accessory to go with your neutral outfit. Everyone in the wedding party has a key accessory that is a perfect place to bring in that pop of personality.

For the bride, it’s the bouquet: bright yellows and oranges, or even bold shades of green, will stand out against the white or cream dress.

For the groom, it’s the tie! Whether he’s wearing a bow tie or a classic knotted tie, play with color here to grab attention.

Finally, of course, the bridesmaids’ dresses. Ribbons can be tied around their waists, this can be a great place for some color, as can the cummerbunds, vests, or ties on the groomsmen.

Wedding Design Tips: Making Use of Texture

Design Details that Compliment The Wedding Consumables

Here’s one area that many wedding designers overlook: the food and drink. Consider creating a signature cocktail for the toast at the reception that is the color you want to incorporate.

If a white wedding cake is desired, consider that the inside could be dyed with food coloring, or that the tables could feature macaroons or other sweet treats in the right colors.

This is a great way to add color to an event without overwhelming the overall scheme, which may be more neutral and bridal. Consider how beautiful a tiered display of pastel cookies would be against an all-white or ivory décor scheme, for example.

Wedding Design Trends in the New Year

Designing With the Big Ticket Items

If your bride and groom are really bold and want to bring in that huge pop of personality to their event, why fight it?

Go big with the table décor or the backdrop at the ceremony. Frame your bride and groom in their desired colors by creating an archway covered in flowers, ribbons, balloons, or another décor.

While many brides love the ethereal look of a white gown against a white background, having a colorful background will make your bride stand out in a good way. She’ll be the eye-catching star of the show in white.

These are just a few of the ways that you’ll learn how to give a couple what they want as a wedding planner. Our wedding planner certification course covers many ways to utilize everything from color to texture and more. Find out how to sign up for IWED today!

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