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Have you ever considered a career as a wedding planner? Or have you thought about it but just figured that the training required and the event planner certification process would be too time-consuming and laborious to truly be an option for you? If that’s the way you’ve been thinking about it, think again. You might be in luck. You can now get a wedding planner certification online through IWED Global, the world’s leading provider of hands-on event education.  

Event Planning Jobs

Event planners handle a variety of events. Everything from corporate shareholders’ meetings to sports events to trade shows, event planners are behind them all, working on every little detail to ensure that the event goes as the client has visioned. One of the most popular tracks to follow among event planners is wedding planning. Who doesn’t love a wedding? Think of helping the bride plan her special day - every tiny detail mapped out ahead of time with the guidance and direction of a wedding planner. Their job is to make sure she has nothing to worry about when her big day comes. Sound like fun? Then you’re on the right track. Afraid you don’t have the time to start a new career as a wedding planner? You can do it online and go at your own pace.

Why a Wedding Planning Certification is Right for You

The event planning industry is popular so making sure you’re one of the best wedding planners in your area is important. And having a wedding planner certification can help with that. Programs like the one offered by IWED Global are tops in the industry and give you a leg up on your competition. IWED Global has partnered with the North American Academy of Wedding & Event Planning to offer a Certificate in Wedding Planning. This certification proves to your potential clients that you’ve been trained by some of the best in the industry and you know what you’re doing. It’ll give them the confidence to choose you over a competitor. And that’s money in your pocket!

Certified Event Design Courses Online

Getting your wedding planner certification online is not as difficult as you might initially think. IWED Global’s Certified Wedding Planner program is offered via a virtual classroom that’s available 24/7. You take the coursework any time you have time to fit it into your busy schedule. The courses are divided up into 16 separate modules and you have 2 full years from the date you register to complete the coursework. This gives you plenty of time to fully absorb everything you’re learning. Classes are all taught by industry professionals who have years of experience and know what it takes to be successful as a wedding planner. It’s easy to register. You can do it online and be ready for your first class right away!

Event Designing and so Much More

The coursework covered in this program touches on all the topics you’ll need to be expert at in order to plan the perfect wedding, from understanding the event planning industry to set up your new business, to venue selection and catering management. There’s so much to learn that it can’t be listed here. But you’ll enjoy the education process and the excitement of learning the ins and outs of wedding planning. And IWED Global offers flexible, affordable payment plans so investing in yourself and your future can easily fit into your budget.

Start Planning Events Now

Nothing will happen without that first step. If you’re still undecided as to whether earning a wedding planning certification online is within your reach, give IWED Global a call today and schedule a consultation with one of their enrollment specialists. They’ll be happy to answer questions and help you decide whether a wedding planner certification is a right path for you.

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