Hot Wedding Planner Trends for 2018: Designing The Perfect Rooftop Wedding

A rooftop wedding is one of the most romantic ways to say “I do”. With the beautiful skyline and the feeling of soaring over it all infusing the event, it’s hard to beat the luxury of this venue choice. But for wedding planners, rooftop weddings do present a few unique challenges. Without the usual four-walls-and-ceiling set up, how exactly do you go about designing within this setting? Here are three ideas for bringing the romance to a rooftop event design, with pro advice from our wedding planner course:

Let the Skyline Become the Focus

One of the reasons that couples choose a rooftop wedding is that they love the view! Whether the venue is in the heart of a city, by the beach, or in the mountains, there is something about the view that made the couple want to include it in their special day. Why attempt to distract with tons of décor? Instead, keep the overall event design simple and elegant, and let the sweeping views become the focus. Use small floral arrangements at the guest book table, or lining the floor of the makeshift aisle, so you don’t detract from the surroundings.

Learn How Wedding Planners Use Light for Effect

Many rooftop weddings happen at or near sunset, because who doesn’t love that romantic glow? But it does present a different challenge after the sun goes down. You’ll need lighting to keep the party going, but you don’t want to lose the intimate and romantic feeling of sunset. So think ahead about what types of lighting could set your event design apart. Lanterns lining the aisle walkway, candles, and soft-colored lights are perfect for the rest of the ceremony, while colorful and fun LED lights might be just the thing to make the reception feel like a party.

Draw Inspiration from the Surroundings

Is the rooftop for this wedding in the heart of a bustling city? Draw inspiration from the surroundings by going for a romantic industrial chic event design. Are you in a cozy mountain town? Bring in natural elements to play up the feeling of being lost in the wilderness. Let the view guide your overall design plan to give the entire wedding a feeling of coordination. When done correctly, it will seem as though you planned every detail – even the surrounding view.

Learn More from our Online Wedding Planning Course

Does the idea of planning a rooftop wedding make you want to break out the whiteboard and brainstorm ideas? A career in wedding planning may be ideal for you. But you don’t have to put your life on hold to explore this option. Check out IWED Global’s online wedding planning course, where you can conveniently learn more tips like these for romantic wedding design, on your own schedule!

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