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Have you ever wanted to be a part in making the happiest day of someone’s life even better? For many, this is their number one reason for wanting to become a wedding planner. At IWED Global, wedding planner certifications are the first step to creating a career based on celebrations of love. The world of professional wedding planning is filled with insider knowledge that you can’t just pick up on the fly. That’s why our wedding planner certification program is designed to help you develop all the skills and experience you need to pull off the event of a lifetime.

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Our certification instruction is divided into 15 simple modules, where you’ll learn all the crucial parts of the wedding planning and executing process. You’ll start by building a foundation of professional wedding planner thinking. Learn the secrets of time management that only event planners know, learn how to break into the industry in the first place, discover how to chase trends the right way, and more.

From there, your journey to becoming a wedding planner will include how to design a gorgeous wedding from the ground up, how to get through the extensive planning and managing process, and how to handle the event from the moment preparations begin, to the aftermath. By the time you graduate from this wedding planner certification program, you’ll have honed every skill you need to begin your new career.

Certifications with IWED

This program by the Institute of Wedding and Event Design is a unique experience that isn’t like anything else you’ll find in this industry. The program was created by, and is led by, industry professionals. We’ve been there and done that.

We’re using our decades of professional wedding planning experience to help you break into this career path. We’ve been offering this education to event planners for over ten years, and have over 600 graduates helping create stunning events around the world using the skills they honed while in this program.

But more importantly, choosing IWED’s program to become a wedding planner is a great way to invest in your future. Wedding planning relies on word of mouth to truly take off, so the sooner you can create a wedding that blows the entire crowd away, the sooner you’ll start to grow in your own career goals. It’s our mission to make your first wedding the one that gets you noticed.

Another Way to Get Certified

At IWED Global, our wedding planner certification is offered exclusively online, so you can begin your career from anywhere in the world, anytime you’re ready. Learn more about our online educational program right here. It’s an easy and affordable way to turn yourself into a dream come true for happy couples.

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