5 Tips Top Wedding Planners Use to Keep The Big Day Organized

How to plan the perfect wedding

You’re a new wedding planner and you’ve managed to make it through the planning stages of your first event with your sanity intact. You handled choosing venues, seating plans, and all the other planning things with no trouble at all. But now you’ve come to the big day, and you’re suddenly realizing that a more experienced wedding planner might have some hints to share that would be extremely helpful. While your client is  getting ready to head to the altar, are you doing everything you can to keep the wedding itself on track? This is the moment when a planner should shine, and it’s where that event planner salary gets earned. Want to know a few industry secrets for staying organized on the big day?

Best Wedding Planner Techniques You can Learn

  1. Stay focused!

No one wants to lose focus at their first big event or to feel like a moody ball of nerves. During rehearsals watch for points to keep in mind for the big day and have those planned out ahead of time. On the day of the wedding you should be the first to arrive at the venue to check that all is in order.

  1. Keep Track of the Budget

Good wedding planners stay within the client’s budget and always check with the client periodically to let her know how everything is going in regards to expenditures. This is an important skill; one of many you can learn from IWED Global’s wedding planner certification course.

  1. Share the Schedule with Trusted Guests

Rule number one that every wedding planner knows: if you can delegate, do so! No one can be in charge of every detail, so be sure you’ve got a handful of trusted assistants who all have access to the schedule. You may deputize several people in the wedding party to assist with carrying out a few small duties.

  1. Label Everything!

Before the day, be sure that everything is labeled. This lets you delegate at the last minute when things start to go crazy. Label items with a name and a quick note about where it goes.

  1. Utilize the Venue Contact Person

The best wedding planners take advantage of the services that come with the venue. Make sure you know who the venue contact is, and keep that information handy should you need it the day of the wedding.

Did you love being a wedding planner for your first event? These tips are just a few of the skills you’ll learn when you enroll in IWED Global’s wedding planner program.

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