3 Extraordinary Waterfront Wedding Design Ideas

Who doesn’t want to have their wedding in front of a gorgeous body of water? Whether you choose the ocean or the lake you grew up near, there’s just something so peaceful and romantic about a waterfront wedding. Design ideas for waterfront weddings can range from the subtle to the cheesy, and fall anywhere in between. Here are some tips from a certified wedding planner on how to create an extraordinary wedding design for your waterfront venue.

Ditch Themed Décor and Go for Inspiration in Your Wedding Design

Some of the most stunning beach weddings we’ve seen have been those where the couple didn’t rely on anchors or seashells to set the mood in their décor. Instead, they went with beachy inspiration in their color scheme, featuring details like an ombre blue cake resembling the water, or a “message in a bottle” stand for guests to put their advice to the happy couple to be opened the next year. Letting the romance of the water inspire your wedding design, rather than choosing themed décor, allows you to maintain your personality in all the details.

Update Classic Themes for Modern Wedding Design

Do you love the idea of a tropical wedding design, but want a unique event that’s all yours? Consider putting a modern spin on something that plays on your beautiful waterfront venue. For example, the most prominent marker of a tropical event is a laid-back vibe – so choose hair and makeup that is loose and carefree in a modern, muted look. Use tropical greenery rather than tropical flowers for a more modern boho look throughout the wedding design, and pair these with modern neutrals to keep the entire feeling updated.

Don’t Fight the Natural Elements of Your Waterfront Wedding Design

If you want a truly extraordinary waterfront wedding, use what is already available at the venue. Are there palm trees around the area? String up some lanterns or fairy lights and plant your reception tables under them. Does the ceremony take place on the beach? Give the guests their party favor early in the form of a beautiful beach towel. Does “waterfront” mean a lack of lighting for the end of your reception after sunset? Release some floating lanterns for a fun send-off that takes care of that pesky light problem. By embracing the waterfront venue to its fullest, you’ll find creative ways to turn your event into an extraordinary memory.

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