5 Ways Top Wedding Planners Keep the Big Day on Track

On the fence about hiring a wedding planner? Or are you considering becoming a wedding planner, and wondering what your average day may look like? While there are hundreds of little things that wedding planners do to help keep a wedding on track, these are the top fiv...

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How to Design Incredible Destination Weddings

If you’ve been hired to design a destination wedding for a happy couple, you already know there are some challenges ahead. While the location is probably a dream come true, there are some things that will have to be different about the way you do the wedding design. H...

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The One Way That's Sure to Help You Become a Better Wedding Planner

The wedding planning industry is welcoming to anyone who has the ability to pull off an amazing event. As long as you can get couples to hire you, you can build a career in this field. But did you know that there is one thing that can help you in your journey when you...

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Looking for a Career Change? What It's Like to Be a Wedding Planner

Whether you’ve seen a movie about wedding planning, or you simply love attending weddings and think planning them sounds like a romantic career move, chances are the realities of being a wedding planner would surprise you. Don’t get us wrong – we think it’s a great ca...

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How to Become a Wedding Planner that Gets Recommended to Others

If there is one thing that is absolute in the wedding planning industry, it is the fact that word of mouth is your best source of advertising. The wedding vendor niche is small and tightly-knit, and vendors will recommend those that they have enjoyed working with befo...

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Create Wedding Planner Portfolios That Wow Your Clients

Those initial meetings with your clients are always crucial moments. Their take on your portfolio of previous work can make or break their decision to work with you – which is why you need a portfolio that wows. This example of what you can do should show off the abso...

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Become and event planner and start creating beautiful events for clients
Become a Wedding Planner that People Trust

The wedding planning industry is a hot one right now. With the advent of reality TV, wedding-themed shows are everywhere. Shows like Say Yes to the Dress, Bridezillas, and Platinum Weddings make being a...

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