Use These Tips to Plan a Small-Scale Wedding

Use These Tips to Plan a Small-Scale Wedding

There’s nothing more fun for a wedding design professional than a challenge. Small-scale weddings are intimate, gorgeous occasions…where every single detail counts. With fewer bodies and a venue that isn’t as grand as a huge cathedral, you really have to make sure that every tiny thing shines to give the small wedding just as much luxury as a big one. Here are some tips from our wedding planner certification course for planning a small-scale wedding that doesn’t disappoint.

Find the Right Venue

A smaller wedding design actually lends itself very well to the trend of unique venues. Most big weddings need to be held in a church or bigger space to accommodate all the guests. A small wedding can be held in a bed and breakfast, an art gallery, a restaurant, or another unique place. This can give the wedding an instant feeling of style and luxury.

Splurge on One Design Detail

With a smaller wedding, the budget is usually limited simply by the nature of the event. There are fewer guests to feed, fewer gowns to buy, fewer tuxes to rent. That means that clients often have a little bit of play when it comes to décor, so now is the time to splurge on something that makes the event stand out. Will it be hundreds of fresh flowers on the backdrop? Dozens of lit candles lining the aisle? Find a “signature” detail to focus on to make a small wedding appear grand in its own way.

Lean in to the Coziness of a Small Wedding Design

One way to plan a small-scale wedding is to just embrace the cozy feeling of a smaller wedding. Place seating in more conversational style groupings rather than aisles, or have the guests surround the happy couple as they say their vows. Forgo seating assignments for a more cocktail-hour-style mingling reception, and invite guests to stay overnight in the bed and breakfast or inn if that is your venue.

Break from Certain Traditions

If the “aisle” is barely a few steps long due to having a small crowd, why not consider doing away with the walk down the aisle, and have a toast to signify the beginning of the wedding instead? There are many ways that you can break with tradition for a small-scale wedding that will create a unique and elegant memory.

Get Even More Creative with Small Wedding Planning at IWED Global

Creative ideas like these are just part of how you’ll learn to think when you get your wedding planner certification at IWED Global. Our online wedding planner certification course allows you to learn all the ins and outs of wedding design décor, event planning, the event design and planning business, and more. Find out how you can take advantage of the experience from industry pros with our online course.

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