Unique Venues Set the Backdrop for an Unforgettable Event

Unique Venues Set the Backdrop for an Unforgettable Event

One of the fastest growing trends in event design in the last year is choosing unique venues. Instead of having a corporate event in a hotel conference room, for example, more businesses are choosing warehouses or artistic gallery settings. Instead of going for a church or a barn, wedding design is starting to lean more towards romantic rooftops and unique landmarks. Why is this trend so unforgettable, and how can you capitalize on it?

Why Unique Venues Add Something Extra to Your Event Design

There are multiple reasons why going the extra mile to score a unique venue is worth it to make your event design shine:

  • Unique venues can be used in unique ways. You don’t have to go with a traditional wedding design, for example, if your client wants a venue that is out of the box. This gives you a chance to be more creative and really wow your clients.


  • They are more versatile for event needs. “Unique venues” usually means that you are looking at a venue not necessarily made for a certain type of event. A hotel conference room is made for speeches, with a stage up front and a large area for chairs and tables facing the stage. However, a gallery setting might allow the speaker to be in the center of a circle of audience members, which could be a more interesting way to share a message.


  • Guests won’t be able to resist talking about the event design. If you’ve found that unique venue that really stands out from other events, there’s no way the guests won’t spread the word – and thus, your reputation.


What Types of Unique Venues Should You Be Looking For?

Unique will be defined by what type of event planning you do. A church may not be unique for wedding design, while a nightclub might not be that unique if you cater to nightclub owners. But in general, a few places that could work include:

  • Museums
  • Art galleries
  • Conservatories
  • Wineries
  • Rooftops
  • Historic landmarks

Be sure to consider the practical side of each venue, such as the lighting, how easy it is to access for guests, if you’ll be interrupted by the public, if you are able to decorate, and so on. And be wary of working with unique venues that don’t have any experience renting themselves out as a venue. If a museum has never been used as a private venue before, they may not be aware of what they should or should not be involved with. So keep an eye out for warning signs, like a lack of insurance, or unreliable communication.

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