Plan a Silver Anniversary Event They'll Remember for the Next 50 Years

Plan a Silver Anniversary Event They'll Remember for the Next 50 Years

The Silver Anniversary is what we call the 25th anniversary, and that is quite an accomplishment to be celebrated. Twenty-five years of marriage is a major milestone, and there’s no better time to wow a client than by making this important day something to remember. Event design for an anniversary can be tricky. It’s tempting to make it look and feel like a wedding, but there should also be an acknowledgement of how the couple has grown together since their wedding day. So here are a few tips from our event design program pros to get you started planning an amazing Silver Anniversary event design.

Determine the Venue Needs

The first step to any party is choosing a venue, but to do that, you’ll need to know what the client wants to do at their party. Are they renewing their vows, or just having a fun get together with music and food? This will change what types of venues you approach. Look for unique venues that offer the chance to do both, such as a rooftop garden or a historic landmark. These are great places to dress up or down depending on the desires of the client.

Determine the Theme

Of course, most couples celebrating this milestone will want to focus on the “silver” part of “Silver Anniversary.” But you can take that theme and put a great twist on it, depending on their tastes. Does your event design call for something fun and relaxed? Bring in a silver disco ball! Does your couple want something more elegant? Silver vases filled with white roses are perfect centerpieces. Be sure the invitations reflect the theme so that guests know how to dress.

Create a Display Table

At a wedding, the focus is often on the cake or the guest book table when it comes to creating a décor focal point. With a wedding anniversary party, center your event design around a display table, which showcases images of the couple together over the last 25 years, or special treasures that signify something to the couple’s love story. This is a great way to replace the guest book table that dominates wedding décor.

Learn More from Our Event Design Program

Event design is something that can be learned on the job, but you can get a boost in your career right from the start. Our event design program is perfect for learning all the ins and outs of event design for anniversaries, weddings, corporate events, and more. If you want to wow your clients right away, this course is for you. You’ll learn all the basics about décor, design and planning, as well as the business side of event planning like contracts and working with vendors. Check it out today!

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