Looking for a Career Change? What It's Like to Be a Wedding Planner

Whether you’ve seen a movie about wedding planning, or you simply love attending weddings and think planning them sounds like a romantic career move, chances are the realities of being a wedding planner would surprise you. Don’t get us wrong – we think it’s a great career for those who have a passion for creating beautiful and memorable events. But there are some things about this career that you need to know before you start handing out business cards.

Wedding Planners Wear Dozens of Hats Every Day

When you are a wedding planner, you’ll quickly realize that you have to be dozens of things to dozens of people every single day. To vendors, family members, guests, and more, you have to be “the bad guy” that nitpicks all the little details. To the bride and groom, you have to be part planner, part reassuring counselor, to help them get through the many little “emergencies” that always pop up during planning. You need to be comfortable with a long list of duties that will ultimately fall to you, regardless of how well you delegate.

Wedding Planners Have to Be Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts’ motto is “Always Be Prepared”, and wedding planning should carry the same motto! If you saw the cute little fanny pack of back-up supplies in the movie The Wedding Planner, and think you’ll be carrying something similar, think again. You’ll have a huge bag crammed full of backup supplies, and the trunk of your car will likely be just as full with even more. You’ll need to have back-up plans for your back-up plans, because something always goes wrong. And a good wedding planner must be able to tackle every single detail and fix it to keep the day magical and stress-free for the happy couple.

You Must Be Both Spontaneous and Good with Commitment

Most wedding planners are booked a year to a year and a half in advance, which means that you’ll need to be willing to commit a hefty portion of your life to working with each individual client. You’ll have to be very good at planning your own vacations and life events well in advance. But you also must be able to adapt to last-minute changes, because the Big Day always involves a few plans gone awry.

If the complexities of being a wedding planner sound interesting, rather than scary, to you, then seeking out a wedding planner certification is a great first step. You can learn all the ins and outs of the industry from professionals with decades of experience during your own time, with IWED Global’s online certification process. Find out if this career change would be right for you today!

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