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Summer is wedding season, and that means that we are seeing this year’s latest wedding trends in full force. Here’s what our wedding planner certification course instructors have to say about this year’s new obsessions when it comes to saying “I do.”

Couples Are Still Embracing Greenery Over Flowers

The last couple of years have led to a big trend for including things like succulents in bouquets, potted greenery in wedding décor, and fewer actual blooms. This year is no different. Flowers are still a big part of wedding design, but greenery and succulents are far more trendy. Couples are also focusing more on seasonal and local plants, especially for destination weddings.

Bigger Emphasis on the Reception

One big trend for this year is a much bigger emphasis on the reception or after party, rather than the ceremony. This means that a wedding planner needs to go above and beyond with the reception, where the “wow” factor will be paramount. Now that people can linger, with no ceremony to distract them, all the little details will be even more important. (You can learn how to craft a stunning after party in our wedding planner certification course!)

Unique Uses of Color

Another way that wedding trends are changing this year is in the way color is being used. Pastels are giving way to darker, even “moody” autumnal colors, like navy blue flowers or deep burgundy candles. This is a cool way to add both vintage romance and sleek modern elegance to a wedding in an instant. Couples are also leaning away from neutrals and going towards bright colors in many instances. Saturated colors like yellow, orange, aqua, red, and other bright colors are becoming more common.

Going Back Inside and Embracing Elegance

In the last few years, outdoor weddings and rustic or casual weddings were the biggest trend. This year, wedding trends are leaning more towards that opulent elegance that used to define weddings. Couples are going back to indoor venues, and are opting for things like marble dance floors, beautifully textured linens on the tables, place settings, chandeliers, and more. Venues that offer a sense of grandeur are back on the rise as popular wedding spots, while restored barns are not as popular anymore.

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