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Have you ever spent hundreds of hours creating the perfect Pinterest board for a fantasy wedding? Do you daydream about designing everything from an extravagant princess wedding in a ballroom, to a simple backyard affair with candles and wicker chairs? If you think weddings are one of the most magical events that anyone can attend, chances are you have the first thing that you need to become a wedding planner – a romantic heart. But beyond the romance of the event, you do need quite a few skills and a stable head on your shoulders to be a great planner. Here’s how the pros can help.

Start Off with the Skills You Need to Become a Wedding Planner

Most wedding planners learn on the job, starting off with a few less-than-perfect weddings to hone their skills to what they need them to be. If they are lucky, they are working with an experienced wedding planner to show them the ropes – but if they are just building their career on their own, they’re likely to have a few unhappy clients at first. With our wedding planner certification course, you start your career off with a solid, tested foundation of knowledge and skills to make any event a success.

Build the Business Foundation as Well

To become a wedding planner, you don’t just need creative design skills. You are also running a business, and it’s important to understand things like marketing yourself, developing a vendor network, and much more. Our wedding planner certification course includes a section on the business skills you’ll need to hit the ground running. Not only will you be developing an outstanding reputation with happy clients, you’ll also be running your business like a pro on day one.

Avoid Common Mistakes on the Road to Your Wedding Planner Certification

One thing that many people do when they become a wedding planner is fall into a lot of the same traps and pitfalls. But when you are being taught by industry professionals, you don’t have to worry about that. We share with you all our mistakes, so you can learn from us and avoid the failures and embarrassing moments for yourself. This makes you a great planner to work with because clients can trust that you won’t be making rookie mistakes.

Learn More and Become a Wedding Planner Today

Learn more about our online course that you can take in your own time, and at your own pace. If you want to become a wedding planner, but can’t leave your day job just yet, this is the perfect way to start building your resume. Check out all the information for our Wedding and Event Planning program here!

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