5 Ways Top Wedding Planners Keep the Big Day on Track

On the fence about hiring a wedding planner? Or are you considering becoming a wedding planner, and wondering what your average day may look like? While there are hundreds of little things that wedding planners do to help keep a wedding on track, these are the top five reasons that any wedding would benefit from having a dedicated professional leading the way.

Wedding Planners Keep an Entire Wedding Day Coordinated

Many weddings take place at multiple venues, and may even be split into an earlier ceremony and a later reception to suit location availability. Some couples want to have a special pre-ceremony meal or a “get ready party” with their wedding party. Or you may need to perform a very fast venue “flip” to transform a space for a reception right after the vows. When the entire event is separated into multiple parts, it can get easy for things to start feeling disjointed – as if you are attending two or three separate events in the same day. Wedding planners learn how to juggle all the minute details so that the big day feels like a single, special event.

Wedding Planners Keep Your Budget in Check

This is one of the most important things that anyone learns when they are earning their wedding planner certification. Keeping the budget in check is vital for having a great wedding that won’t cause heartache later when the bills come in.

Wedding Planners Get Reliable Vendors – Often at a Discount

Wedding planners develop working relationships with local vendors who they know they can count on. No more worrying that your Craigslist DJ won’t show on the big day. And because they work so frequently with these vendors, many wedding planners can actually get discounts from the vendors.

Wedding Planners Know the Latest Trends

Maybe you’re approaching a wedding and you just don’t really know what you want – every type of style you see online looks interesting to you. Wedding planners routinely go to industry events and shows where they learn the latest trends. They’ll know how to incorporate brand new styles and ideas into the design so that your wedding feels fresh and beautiful. But they also know how to do this in a way that still meshes with your own personal style.

Wedding Planners Let You Focus on the Memories

One of the biggest jobs that any wedding planner has is to eliminate stress off the bridal party. You get to focus on having your special day and making memories, while they deal with things like a vendor being late or a flower girl who can’t find her basket. You’ll be making memories while they expertly handle everything else.

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