Discover Event Design Education That Can Boost Your Career Options

As an event design professional, you know that working in this industry means always staying a step ahead of the competition. It can often seem like there are just as many event planners, wedding planners, and event designers out there as there are hopeful actresses i...

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Incredible Wedding Design Ideas Featuring Flowers

Flowers are a big part of any wedding design, but many happy couples want to stand out with something unique. Beyond the bouquets and table centerpieces, how else can you use flowers to brighten up your big day? Here are some incredible ways that wedding designers hav...

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So You Want to Become a Wedding Planner: Get the Pro Skills You Need to Succeed

If you love the idea of offering a helping hand to Cupid, then you’ve likely thought about becoming a wedding planner at least once in your life. It’s a romantic career from the outside, and many people have gone into the industry thinking that they’ll spend their tim...

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It's the Experience: 2018 Trends in Experiential Event Design

The best way to engage guests at any event is to give them more than just another thing they have to attend – but to instead give them an experience to remember. Experiential event design is the latest and greatest for 2018, and the trends that fall under this umbrell...

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Be Ready for Anything! Learn the Secrets of Pop Up Restaurant Event Designs

As an event designer, one of the things that you may face in your career is putting on a pop up event. These are events that happen in a new venue for just a short period of time, before moving on to another place. Retailers and restaurants do these events frequently ...

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Learn How to Master Fairytale Wedding Design

If you are a wedding planner and you have been asked to design a fairytale wedding, you’ve got a big job ahead of you. A fairytale wedding is big, glamorous, magical, and over-the-top – all of which means that you’ll have a lot more details that you’ll have to manage ...

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Discover Top Techniques for a Sunrise Wedding Design

Do you have a unique couple that wants their vows to be timed as the sun is rising behind them? There is something so romantic about starting your new life with the beginning of a new day. But for wedding design purposes, a sunrise wedding can be a little challenging....

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Terrific Lighting Trends in Corporate Event Design

Event design is made up of many small details that all work together to communicate the theme. Lighting is one of those details that cannot be ignored. It’s one of the easiest ways to set the mood for an event and instantly immerse everyone in the atmosphere. You can ...

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3 Ways Professional Education Can Save Your Reputation as a Wedding Planner

So, you want to be a wedding planner, and help couples make magical memories of their special day? That’s fantastic! Wedding planning can be one of the most satisfying careers for a romantic at heart. But it can also be a challenging career that requires a lot of hard...

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Spectacular Last Minute Wedding Designs

Sometimes, the heart wants what it wants – and it wants it right now. If you’re a designer planning a wedding last minute, you may be wondering whose idea it was to get married so quickly. But no matter how frazzled you feel, you can absolutely create a beautiful wedd...

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