Top Wedding Design Classes to Enroll Your Employees In

Invest in Your Employees Event Design Skills

There are many things you can do to make your wedding design business succeed. But one of the best things you can do is to enroll your employees in our top wedding design classes.

No matter how much time you take out to train your employees, there is always so much more for them to learn. You simply might not have enough time to spend training both new and experienced employees, even though you want them to learn everything they can about becoming successful wedding designers.

What Wedding Design Classes Cover

Our wedding and event design classes include five units that cover a total of 24 lessons. These lessons are used to help define the many techniques and skills your employees are likely to use in their daily projects. At IWED Global, we feel that by focusing on specific areas, we are able to deliver the finest wedding and event design education available anywhere in the industry.

The best part is that the entire "in person" course is taught over only five days. Our courses are accredited by the Special Events Certification Council. The five units your employees will take part in are:

1. Hardware and Basic Backdrops

·         Hardware and technology

·         Room draping and backdrops

·         Advanced backdrops

2. Ceiling Draping, Hardware, and Alternatives

·         Ceiling hardware

·         Ceiling draping techniques

·         Ceiling draping alternatives

·         Table linen

·         Head table configurations

·         Cinderella skirting

3. Table Draping and Tabletop Décor

·         Table draping

·         Specialty tables

·         Chair Design

·         Centerpiece design

·         Tabletop design

4. Ceremony Structure and Décor

·         Ceremony history and traditions

·         Ceremony design

·         Four post canopy

·         Round canopy

·         Lighting types and techniques

5. Marketing and Starting a Small Business

·         Starting your business

·         Social media and marketing

·         Consultations and pricing

·         Factors influencing your industry

As you can see our event and wedding design classes cover a lot of territory over what is a relatively short period of time. While this might seem to be a lot of information to cover, each student will have lifetime access to our entire library and database.

Event Design Classe Turn Your Business Up a Notch

No matter how successful your business is at the moment, there is always room for growth. By sending your employees to our wedding and event design classes, they will learn under the tutelage of the finest trainers in the industry. Our instructors have many years of experience in the field, experience that they’re more than willing to share with their students.

The knowledge your employees will gain in our classes will help them become more productive, more creative, and more engaged in their jobs. The best part of this is that all of the skills they learn can be put to use helping to grow your business, making it more profitable than ever before.

Why wait, enroll your employees in one of our wedding and event design courses today. Each employee can then fulfill his or her desire and learn to become a better wedding planner. It’s a great investment in their futures and your business!

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