Tips & Traps When Designing a Country Western Wedding

Planning a wedding that takes advantage of the romance of the countryside? Country western weddings are perfect for couples who love rodeos, cowboys, and down-home fun. These events can be a blast if you’re willing to commit to the event design and go all the way with cute DIY elements, casual chic décor, delicious Southern food, and an overall attitude of fun. Here are some tips to make your event stand out, as well as a few things to avoid:

Tips for Your Country Western Event Design

As with all weddings, the design for a country western event starts with the location. The venue should be something that reflects the couple’s interpretation of the theme. For some, country western means a barn or a big field. For others, it means having the wedding at their hometown church with a reception in the backyard. Be sure that wherever you end up, the décor is inspired by nature, as that is a main focus of a country theme. Go with less-fussy elements, like a bouquet of wildflowers instead of tightly-bound roses. Rustic décor like lanterns and mason jars will also help set the mood. Consider how you can transform other areas of the event design as well. Trade the getaway limo for a pickup truck or a horse, for example, or let the bridesmaids ditch silk wraps for denim jackets over their gowns.

Country Western Event Design Traps to Avoid

There are several trends in the country western wedding design world that have proven to be problematic for many brides. Some things to avoid with this kind of event design include going a little too natural with things that guests need to be comfortable, like the seating. If you do use hay bales for seating, be sure to cover them and to have a few chairs on hand for elderly or disabled guests. Only use live animals, like horses, if there is a dedicated handler at the event. If the event is held outdoors, be sure to consider bug control and shade – a sunburned, mosquito-bitten bride won’t feel like a princess on her special day. Finally, don’t forget to keep a sense of high-quality luxury in your details, even with a country western event. Just because you’re in a barn doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have crystal glasses for a toast!

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