Terrific Lighting Trends in Corporate Event Design

Event design is made up of many small details that all work together to communicate the theme. Lighting is one of those details that cannot be ignored. It’s one of the easiest ways to set the mood for an event and instantly immerse everyone in the atmosphere. You can use lighting in event design to make the event more exciting, more serene, more professional, more youthful – the list goes on and on. Here are some of the trendiest ways to light up a corporate event right now.

Utilize Gobo Lights to Focus Your Message in the Event Design

A gobo light is a type of spotlight that shines through a stencil. This turns the light into a lighted message or symbol on whatever backdrop you point it at. So, you can put the company name or logo, the event slogan, or anything else you want on a wall, the stage backdrop, the ceiling, and so on. This is a great way to bring in the event’s logo design without permanently changing anything about a rented venue, and without spending a lot on promo materials. It also adds some movement and energy to your event, because a gobo can be quickly swung around to point elsewhere.

Coordinate Lighting with Music and Other Sensory Elements of the Event Design

One trend in corporate lighting right now is to turn the lights into a show. Dramatic light shows that have moving lights in time to a song, or lights that change color as the energy of the event shifts, are all part of keeping people engaged and interested in what is going on. It can be costly to have a lighting designer create a full show for an event, but the effect can make all the difference. Having a lighting change during a countdown for an award, for example, is a great way to create a sense of suspense. Having lighting that moves around to spotlight different areas of the banquet space can make everyone feel like a VIP.

Focus Attention with a Fully Lit Stage Area – Even Without a Stage

If you are designing an event around a traditional stage, it’s easy to just toss a wash of lighting across the entire stage. Just make sure all the lighting overlaps, and you won’t have any dark spots – easy. But did you know that lighting can create the illusion of a stage area even when you don’t have one? If your client wants to set their event in a trendy loft, or on a rooftop, and there is no stage for the speaker, lighting can help. You can transform any open area into a faux-stage just by washing the area in color and light.

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