Summer Weddings Call for Spectacular Wedding Designs

Summer Weddings Call for Spectacular Wedding Designs

Everyone in the wedding planner industry knows summer as “wedding season.” There’s something about the return of warm weather in spring and summer that inspires couples to say their vows. We agree that it does make outdoor weddings easier – great weather, longer days, and more venue options are all available in the warmer months. But because there are so many summer weddings, creating a truly stand-out wedding design can be tough. Here are a few tips to consider.

Guest Comfort Can Be Part of the Design

Many summer weddings include something for guests to feel more comfortable, like paper fans at hot outdoor venues, or a place to wash off sandy feet at a beach wedding. But keep in mind that these practical niceties can also be part of the design of your special day. Consider having the fan custom made in your wedding colors and made in cloth as a take-home favor instead of a throw-away at the reception. Consider having your outdoor wedding at night, surrounded by candles and soft lights, to beat the heat. There are many ways to incorporate comfort into your wedding design.

Plan the Menu Around the Season

Not many people want to eat a heavy meal in the summer, but nothing says you can’t offer your guests an elegant reception anyway. Consider things like spiked shaved ice as a fun – yet grown up – way to cool everyone down. Pair fun and refreshing drinks with simple grilled fish or chicken with a fresh salad and light fruit courses. Have a custom ice cream flavor created to go along with your cake. Center the entire menu on the local specialty during the summer – such as peaches or other produce. Get creative with how you incorporate the season into the food, and you’ll stand out from the many summer weddings that focus more on the décor.

Embrace the Casual Feel of Summer

Many couples still want to have that elegant fairy tale wedding, no matter the time of year. If that is you, go for it! But one thing we’ve noticed during our time as wedding planner professionals is that wedding design that takes its cue from the season is almost always a stunner. For example – summer is a time of carefree attitudes, flyaway hair, flowing clothes, and baseball caps. Why not incorporate some of that into your wedding design? Go with simple hair that the humidity won’t ruin, and consider simple, flowing gowns for yourself and your bridal party. Leaning into the season’s attitude will make your wedding seem more natural, as though it was meant to be – and that is where true elegance lies.

These tips, combined with your own creative wedding design ideas, will create a summer wedding that wows your guests and makes your memories picture perfect. For  information on becoming a wedding planner, check out our wedding planner certification course.

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