Summer Wedding Spectacular - Learn the Ins and Outs of the Business from the Experts

Summer Wedding Spectacular - Learn the Ins and Outs of the Business from the Experts

If you work in wedding design, or if you’ve always dreamed of it, you know that summer is the most important season of the year. Summer weddings are everyone’s dream come true. The stunning greenery and natural blooms make for gorgeous photos, and no one has to worry about covering up their beautiful gown with a coat. But summer will be here soon, and if you’ve been trying to improve your wedding design skills, you don’t have long before you’ll be put to the test. Why not get started today with help from our expert-taught wedding planner certification program?

Learn All the Ins and Outs of Wedding Design

The first thing you’ll learn in our wedding planner certification course is how to design and execute a gorgeous wedding. From the backdrops and centerpieces, to what you’ll do with the ceiling and how to manage the ceremony, our course includes everything you need to kick-start your creativity. You’ll be an expert on all the technical details, like the right kind of hardware and fabric for any type of décor. This is especially important for summer weddings, which are often held outside, in barns, or in other unique venues where traditional décor just won’t work.

Learn from Industry Pros with Decades of Experience

As professional wedding planners who have been in this industry for years, our instructors know how important the summer season is for wedding design professionals. You’ll get valuable tips on how to manage the business side of things, as well, such as marketing advice, sample contracts, guides on working with vendors during the busiest time of the year for weddings, and more. And when you finish, you get an Accredited Event Designer seal, so you can market yourself as the best of the best.

Take the Course Online or In Person

At IWED Global, we offer two ways to earn your wedding planner certification. You can take the course online, at your own pace, and in your own time. This is perfect if you need to boost your skills for your side hustle while working your nine to five, or if you need to continue working on upcoming events while you learn new skills! The online course is totally self-paced, so you can take a few video courses here and there as your time allows, or blast through it all as fast as you want to get ready for summer.

The second option is to attend one of our in-person courses, which is shorter than one week long, and gives you a crash course in everything you need to know to make your business stand out just in time for the summer wedding craze. Download our brochure to learn more or sign up today!

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