Spectacular Last Minute Wedding Designs

Sometimes, the heart wants what it wants – and it wants it right now. If you’re a designer planning a wedding last minute, you may be wondering whose idea it was to get married so quickly. But no matter how frazzled you feel, you can absolutely create a beautiful wedding design in just a few short weeks, or even days, with some careful attention to a few key details. Here are the things to focus on to make the biggest impact when you’re in a rush:

Focus on the Bride and Groom in the Wedding Design

If you don’t have time to gather tons of décor for the reception meal, keep everything simple except for the bride and groom’s seats. Go ahead and add some bows or signage that show off where the happy couple will be sitting. This simple touch gives a focal point that sets the tone for the whole reception. This theme can be carried throughout the entire ceremony. For example, keep the pews or seating simple and decorate the altar or archway instead.

Use Personal Items for Décor

Do your clients have an eclectic collection of dinnerware that could work for the reception meal? Ask if the  family might like to add to the design by pitching in with theirs to embrace the eclectic appearance. As long as everything is the same material (china or glass, for example), it will be unified enough to work.  Other great examples of how to use personal items for décor include using white linens for table runners, or using a collection of pretty antique books to act as centerpieces on a table. Stack a few in a tower and add a small votive on top for an instantly charming look.

Simplify the Flowers

One of the biggest issues that a last-minute wedding design will face is floral arrangements. Flowers typically need to be ordered in advance, especially if you want big and beautiful, natural décor. Go simple with single flowers in tall vases, and skip the bridesmaids’ bouquets. Break up bouquets into smaller bunches for the décor, or even have the bridesmaids’ bouquets whisked away to decorate the reception area after the ceremony.

In our wedding planner certification course, we discuss the many ways to plan weddings on all kinds of timelines. If you are planning a wedding in a very short period of time, the key details to focus on are highlighting the bride and groom, using what you already have for décor, and simplifying the flowers. If you want to learn more, or if you’re interested in an exciting career change, consider taking our online course to learn how you can become a wedding planner!

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