Learn to Create Colorful Wedding Backdrops with Our Certified Wedding Planner Certification Program

Learn to Create Colorful Wedding Backdrops with Our Certified Wedding Planner Certification Program

Not every bride and groom in the world wants a neutral wedding – and yet so many weddings end up falling into the white, cream, and ivory color schemes. Especially around the backdrop of the ceremony, it’s common to see backdrops that are very pale in color in order to frame the couple in photographs. However, there are ways to bring in lots of fun color without overwhelming the couple, and while still keeping a bridal feel. Here are some tips from our wedding planner certification course, available online now.

Frame the Couple with Colorful Features

If you are truly concerned about losing the couple in pictures, consider framing them and leaving a white space in the center of the wall or backdrop where they will be standing. This allows you to bring in tons of color all around them, while still giving them great photos. Some ideas are to use brightly colored flowers around them wound around an arch, or to hang bright geometric shapes on the wall behind them. Or use fabric hangings, such as beautiful velvet in rich colors, to create a sense of elegance surrounding the happy couple.

Use Lighting to Change the Backdrop Colors

Another way you can get colorful backdrops and control the saturation for photos is to use lighting. Hang a neutral backdrop, and then use carefully placed lights to change the color during the ceremony and event. You can simply turn them off for the photos, or at least dim them to bring the couple more into focus.

Use Your Surroundings to Your Advantage

One thing you’ll learn in our certified wedding planner course is that you should always use the venue to its fullest potential. If a rooftop wedding can be pointed towards a grey skyline, or a wall of vibrant graffiti murals, why not go for the more colorful and unique option that shows off the city personality? This is just one example of how you can search for color in the venue and use it to make the backdrop more interesting. Don’t be afraid to go bold with the backdrop – why not bring in an entire mural-covered wall of your own?

Check Out Our Certified Wedding Planner Program

If you liked these tips, you’ll find so much more in our wedding planner certification program. We use decades of experience and insider knowledge of the industry to help you learn how to become a creative and successful event planner. Whether you want to design beautiful and stylish wedding shoots, or just make a happy couple’s day more special, we can help you build the skills you need. Check out our online wedding planner certification course to learn more about how you can become a certified wedding planner.

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