Learn How to Master Fairytale Wedding Design

If you are a wedding planner and you have been asked to design a fairytale wedding, you’ve got a big job ahead of you. A fairytale wedding is big, glamorous, magical, and over-the-top – all of which means that you’ll have a lot more details that you’ll have to manage to make the entire wedding design work cohesively. That isn’t to say this isn’t a fun way to design a wedding – but it’s something that takes practice to master. Here are a few tips from the pros behind our certified wedding planner course.

Get On the Same Page with Inspiration for the Wedding Design

The term “fairytale” means different things to different people.  Some people think of Disney movies and princess-themed tea parties. Other people think of Brothers Grimm and more ethereal folklore and legends. Still others may be thinking of something else entirely. Be sure that when you are getting inspiration for the design that you and the couple are defining “fairytale” in the same way. Choose the colors and overall look together before you move on.

Pay Special Attention to the Invitations

One of the key elements of a fairytale is the fact that a seemingly ordinary person gets invited into a magical world of some sort. This may be a true invitation, like Cinderella’s invite to the ball, or something a little less conventional, like Alice being lured to the rabbit’s hole that led to Wonderland. But the point is that the invitation to the magic is the doorway to the rest of the story. Likewise, the invitations to the wedding must also be magical to set the mood right away. Guests should feel as though they are being asked to run away to a fantasy world.

Amp Up the Theme with Accessories Rather Than Larger Items

One thing you’ll learn in our certified wedding planner course is that, with something as luxurious as a fairytale wedding, the big items can get pricey fast. A beautiful princess wedding gown with pearls, sparkles, and so on will be far more expensive than a simpler dress, which can be dressed up with a crystal-covered waist sash, or a faux-fur cloak. Adding a few fake butterflies to a standard bouquet will add a touch of whimsy and fantasy without having to pay for pricey floral design. Be smart about the accessories and details you add, and it is very possible to have a fairy tale wedding on a budget.

Focus on Rich Lighting in the Wedding Design

Lighting is such an easily-overlooked element that can make or break the theme of a wedding. For a fairytale wedding, focus on candelabra, chandeliers, wall sconces, soft candlelight on the tables, and so on. Twinkling fairy lights along the aisle could be beautiful, but consider how much more magical an aisle lit by dozens of candles may be instead. Think “rich” with the lighting, and save money elsewhere.

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