It's the Experience: 2018 Trends in Experiential Event Design

The best way to engage guests at any event is to give them more than just another thing they have to attend – but to instead give them an experience to remember. Experiential event design is the latest and greatest for 2018, and the trends that fall under this umbrella are changing the way professional event designers approach this technique.

Include Technology in Experiential Event Design

One of the biggest trends of 2018 in this type of event design is to include advanced technology. Artificial Intelligence that guests can interact with and social media connectivity through the use of hashtags and geo filters are all a part of creating a cohesive experience for your guests. Furthermore, video walls, digital interfaces, and touch surfaces are all great ideas for things like product launches.

Bring Movement into Your Event Design

The next way to turn your event into an experience is to bring in some energy through movement. The more you can get your guests immersed through other senses, the more they will feel as though they are truly experiencing the event. Lighting that moves throughout the event is an easy way to add a sense of energy to the event design, but also consider motion graphics that go beyond the basic PowerPoint slides. Things such as gobo lights with logos and graphics are a great way to add visuals all over your event design.

Aim for a Luxury Boutique Ambiance

One thing that luxury retailers have nailed down is turning shopping into an experience. High-end boutiques are known for being an experience in and of themselves. Many corporate events are mirroring this type of ambience, aiming for a space that looks and feels more like a boutique experience. Go for cozy spaces with luxury details and a more traditional look compared to the usual open-air conference event vibe.

Engage All the Senses with Refined Materials

Finally, event designers are embracing texture and refined finishes in 2018 to engage all the senses at events. Using very fitted fabric tablecloths instead of basic throws at trade shows is a great example. Exhibits that are made with unique finishes, for a textured look and feel, invite guests and viewers to experience the message in a new way, and that is a great way to stand out.

Learn More from Our Event Design Program

The trends in event design are always changing, and the more that businesses embrace the idea of experiential design, the more that designers will have to get creative to make their events stand out. If you want to build your skills and hone your creativity to take advantage of new trends, check out our event design program. You’ll learn from industry pros how to embrace every new trend and put your own creative twist on it that will wow your clients.

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