Incredible Wedding Design Ideas Featuring Flowers

Flowers are a big part of any wedding design, but many happy couples want to stand out with something unique. Beyond the bouquets and table centerpieces, how else can you use flowers to brighten up your big day? Here are some incredible ways that wedding designers have started using floral arrangements to make a statement. Check out our wedding planner certification course for additional design ideas!

Take Advantage of Hanging Flowers in Wedding Design

Many wedding planners have started to think of flowers in terms of vertical décor. Hanging plants that drape beautifully down from the ceiling, or that fill a fountain and overflow over the sides instead of water, are a fantastic way to add a new level of dimension to the décor. Create a beautiful archway with flowers overhead, or use hanging flowers in place of sconces for an outdoor wedding.

Go Beyond Traditional Flowers in Your Wedding Design

One big trend for wedding design lately is to use natural elements that move beyond the traditional blossoms. For example, beautifully sculpted topiaries are a gorgeous way to line an aisle or decorate a reception area. For a winter wedding, evergreen plants are just as stunning as blooms – and much easier to get in season! Working with local plants like wildflowers, or even pairing blossoms with unexpected plants like colorful kale or small fruit like grapes, can also be a way to give a wedding a more unique touch with floral elements.

Combine Other Décor Elements with Flowers

One way to punch up your wedding design with flowers is to combine them with other elements that you want to include. For example, if a water feature is important to you – such as a big fountain, or a garden pool – include some floating lily pads to add color and natural beauty. Cover candles in glass sconces and wrap in floral wreaths for easy and elegant centerpieces. By combining other décor elements with flowers, you can update this classic wedding accessory. Here’s another great example of combing flowers with a different wedding element: ditch the bouquet and put flowers in your bridal up-do instead!

Use Flowers to Dress Up Simple Things

Finally, a great way to use flowers in your wedding design is to use fresh cut flowers to dress up an otherwise simple thing. Did you choose an all-white cake with fewer details for an elegant, sleek look? You can make it just a little more bridal with a few beautiful roses placed around the base. Place a long-stem rose in the center of the guest book to act as a beautiful bookmark to dress up the page, or mark the path to the reception at a large venue with small bundles of flowers placed along the way.

Overall, there are hundreds of ways to include flowers in your wedding design. To learn more in our wedding planner certification courses on how you can master trends like these and many more, click here.

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