How to plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Themed weddings taken into a forest

The wedding industry generates 70 Billion dollars a year. Luckily, some of that green money is being spent by people who are eco-friendly. One of the hottest wedding trends right now is to have a green wedding.

"Green or ECO-Friendly weddings, not only makes a positive impact on the environment, but they are also a great way for couples to share their commitment to the environment with their family and friends." 

If this sounds like something you want to do, here are a few ideas to get you started!

Wedding Invitations can make a great green statement. Use a piece of wood or recycled paper.

Food and Beverage. Think vegan or vegetarian when choosing your food. Use eco-friendly caterers or restaurants when creating your menu. Serve organic raw food and natural or herbal drinks at the reception and rehearsal dinner.

Table Settings at the reception are another easy place to show your nature-loving side by using leaves or pebbles for your place cards. You can easily write the guests names on the leaves or stones, creating a unique and eco-friendly alternative to the traditional paper place cards for seating arrangements.

Flowers for the wedding and reception can be done in an eco-friendly manner if you use an organic florist. Organic florists use organic seeds and grow their flowers in a pesticide-free soil. You might also ask that they mix in some fruits and vegetable leaves with the flowers, or instead of flowers, use an actual plant or tree, to put a creative spin on the traditional arrangements.

Promote Recycling. Use recycling bins as part of your wedding decoration, that way your guests will feel motivated to recycle. Another idea could be to assign a cup per guest for the entire night. You can make it an interactive game by asking them to write a personalize quote to their cup and giving it away as a wedding favor.

Transportation. Consider renting a hybrid SUV or limousine that uses clean fuel for your transportation to the wedding, reception, and honeymoon. It also helps to have your wedding ceremony and reception at the same location can also cut down on the amount of fuel needed to transport yourself and guests between locations. Or simply you can use a fuel-free vehicle such a bohemian bike, a romantic boat or an electric scooter.

Wedding Favors. Sharing your passion for nature is THE perfect gift. You can easily give away some favors that will promote the ECO-love, such as mini plants or a package full of seeds waiting to be planted.

Wedding and Engagement Rings. Everyone wants a lovely ring, but unethical mining practices harm the workers and the earth. So do your research and buy your engagement and wedding rings from jewelers who support ethically mined gems. Or consider using vintage stones or rings that have been handed down for generations or bought at an antique store.

Bride Bouquet. What a statement piece! Incorporating fruits and veggies to your wedding bouquet is an excellent way to minimize the impact of using just flowers, and is very efficient regarding budget as well.

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