How to Impress with a Rustic Wedding Design

Rustic wedding designs continue their popularity in 2018. Modern couples are finding more and more ways to integrate glamour and luxury into the warm and welcoming rustic theme. One of the things we teach in our wedding planner certification program is how to take a popular theme, like rustic weddings, and really impress with unique twists that suit your clients. Here are a few tips from our industry pros:

Go Overboard with Great Lighting in Rustic Wedding Design

If your clients have chosen a barn venue, or another rustic, natural venue, such as an outdoor location, you’ll need to think about the lighting. With this particular theme, going a bit overboard on the fairy lights, candles, and other romantic lighting is a good thing! Twinkling fairy lights and lanterns can easily be added to a rustic theme. While you’re limiting the luxury in other areas by choosing a more natural venue, exceptional lighting ensures a magical, ethereal feeling that really brings the romance.

Carry the Rustic Theme into Other Parts of the Wedding Design

It isn’t just the venue and the décor that can be rustic and romantic. Consider carrying the theme into the food, music, and attire as well. For example, let your bridesmaids skip the stilettos for barn-friendly boots instead. Opt for a family-style barbecue or hog roast instead of a three-course meal, or serve up some homey desserts instead of just wedding cake. There are many ways to incorporate the intimate and welcoming feeling of a rustic wedding design throughout other areas of the event.

Mix Rustic Wedding Design with Other Themes

One way to impress with a rustic wedding is to incorporate other themes and styles into a rustic venue. Bring in some boho-chic with an exotic Moroccan vibe. Mix in a bit of fantastical steampunk inspiration. Add some mid-century mod to your rustic barn setting for a more vintage-minded couple. By combining a rustic venue with other styles, you put a fresh new spin on a trend that may be just a little too well-done for a unique bride. While it’s always a great idea to have inspiration from current trends, all couples want to feel special and unique on their wedding day.

Learn More from IWED Global’s Online Wedding Planner Certification Program

If you love the challenge of impressing a couple with new spins on classic trends, then you may have a future as a wedding planner. Certification for this career path can be obtained online – our self-paced course is a great place to start! Ready to help turn a rustic wedding design into something totally fresh and new for a happy couple? Check out our program to learn all the industry secrets for making a trend unique for every client.

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