How to Create a Stunning Forest Wedding Design

If you’ve been hired to create the wedding design for a forest wedding, you have quite a task ahead. In addition to designing a stunning event just like you always do, you also have to work with the elements. But instead of trying to force-fit a regular wedding into the outdoors, it’s better to embrace the wild atmosphere and let it inform your design. Here are some tips for creating a stunning forest wedding design from our event planning program instructors.

Focus on Texture with a Forest Wedding Design

One of the things that makes the forest so magical is all the texture. The crunchy leaves, the soft moss, the rough bark, the delicate flower petals, and so much more make the forest a perfect atmosphere for exploration and wonder. You can do the same in your wedding design. Use textured materials like lace and faux-fur to mimic the way the forest plays with the senses. Go with mixed floral arrangements of some delicate petals, some silky leaves, and some rubbery succulents, for example.

Embrace Natural Lighting and Enhance It Softly

You don’t have a lot of options when it comes to the lighting in a forest wedding design. However, you can enhance the natural subdued glow of the sun filtered through the canopy of leaves overhead with candlelight. Because you won’t be doing a lot of over-the-top décor, the candles can also double as your décor in many ways. Place a few dozen candles on tree stumps of various levels as a backdrop for the vows, or use candles to light the aisle. Just be sure the candles are in glass vases and that you have several people responsible for getting them put out as soon as possible to avoid wildfires.

Don’t Skimp on Comfort and Luxury Outdoors

Another way to make a forest wedding design truly special is to go all in on comfortable, luxury seating. Bring upholstered furniture, not just fold-out chairs, or drape fold-out chairs in knitted blankets or faux-fur throws – anything to make them feel like a place to sit in the lap of luxury. Because the seating doesn’t have the backdrop of an amazing venue to make it feel glamorous, you’ll have to create the sensation yourself.

Forest Wedding Design Is the Perfect Place for Quirky Details

An outdoor wedding in a forest is already a bit of a unique choice, so why not embrace the quirky whims of the couple? Now is the time to have the flower girl in a pair of fairy wings, or to use brightly colored ribbons and birds’ nests as table décor. Let your creativity shine and don’t shy away from things that may be too whimsical for another wedding venue.

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