How to Add the Unexpected to Traditional Wedding Design

How to make your wedding decor stand out

There is something about a wedding that can bring out the desire for tradition in even the most modern and eclectic couples – but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your personal style or your yearning for a fairytale wedding. There are many ways to compromise so that your traditional wedding design features a few unexpected twists that are all about you. Here are a few tips, taken straight from the professionals behind our wedding planner certification here at IWED.

Choose Unexpected Floral Arrangements and Floral Wedding Design

Nothing is more traditional at a wedding than a bouquet and tons of floral décor at the reception. But you don’t  have to go with the white roses that every other bride carries. Why not mix up your bouquet and floral décor with greenery and flowers that speak to you? Succulents have become a huge hit with many brides, for example, or try mixing your floral décor with moss or cacti for a fun and unique look. Or ditch the traditional bouquet but keep the traditional flowers – just wear them in your hair instead!

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Think Outside the Box for Seating in the Wedding Design

One important aspect of wedding design is where your guests will be seated during the ceremony. Often, white lawn chairs or church pews are the main options depending on where your wedding is – but why? So long as the seating is in pew-like rows, it will still look traditional. Spice it up with mix-and-match vintage sofas or decorative chairs with contrasting patterns. Add comfy throw pillows for more texture. Keep everything in the wedding color palette, and it will still appear bridal and traditional.

Get Creative with Your Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is one of the easiest places to add unique touches to an otherwise traditional wedding. So long as it’s a cake, you can almost do anything you like, and it will still appear traditional and formal. Try a tower of cupcakes, or a cake decorated in an homage to your favorite joint hobby. A watercolor cake, or a cake with pearls and flowers instead of icing, can all be gorgeous ways to put some personality into your wedding design.

Get Your Wedding Planner On Board Early

One of the best ways to ensure that your traditional wedding has those unexpected twists you want is to talk to your wedding planner about what you want. Be sure that they know that you are interested in specific aspects staying traditional, so that they know exactly what they can play with.

Interested in how a wedding planner might come up with the perfect mix of traditional and unique for a couple? Want to learn more about wedding planner certification? Our online course features a self-paced set of modules that can help you start a whole new career! Find out more here.

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