Discover Top Techniques for a Sunrise Wedding Design

Do you have a unique couple that wants their vows to be timed as the sun is rising behind them? There is something so romantic about starting your new life with the beginning of a new day. But for wedding design purposes, a sunrise wedding can be a little challenging. From getting vendors to agree to show up so early, to dealing with the lighting for photography, a sunrise wedding is never a simple thing. But when planned right, it can be stunning. Here are some top tips for using all the knowledge you gained from your wedding planner certification to create this type of event.

Get the Timing Right with a Sunrise Wedding Design

The key feature of a sunrise wedding is that it happens literally right at sunrise. It is vital that you get the timing just right. Whether the couple wants to be saying their vows as the sun rises, or they just want to be able to have a sunrise shot of the wedding party before the ceremony, it’s very important to time everything just so. And since Mother Nature runs on her own clock, you’ll have to get the wedding timeline timed perfectly. Be sure to give everyone enough time to arrive before the sun comes up, and stress how important it is to be early so that set up can happen on time.

Design the Wedding in an Open Space

If what your client wants is to get that stunning sunrise in the background, then you’ll need to ensure that the location has an open space where the sun can be seen. If the area is very heavily wooded, or there are buildings all around, the sunrise might be blocked. You can still have the wedding in a city, for example, just choose a spot with a good view – such as rooftop wedding.

Find a Way to Entice the Night Owls

If some part of the wedding party isn’t happy about the early call time, find a way to make the wedding design kind and comforting. For example, be sure that the caterer has plenty of coffee on hand (don’t forget a stain stick!), or go with a mimosa brunch for the reception. Make sure the seating is comfortable and try to keep the ceremony short if the couple agrees. This will make everyone involved much less likely to get grumpy as the morning goes on.

Learn More Top Tips from Our Wedding Planner Certification Course

Not every wedding design is going to be easy, but they are all rewarding when you see the happy couple’s smiles at the end of the day. Planning a sunrise wedding can be magical in so many ways. Learn more tips like these in our professional wedding planner certification course on IWED Global.

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