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As an event design professional, you know that working in this industry means always staying a step ahead of the competition. It can often seem like there are just as many event planners, wedding planners, and event designers out there as there are hopeful actresses in L.A. But we have a secret that can make you stand out from the crowd.

Boost Your Career with Event Design Education

While you don’t need a formal education to become an event designer, having the certification as an industry professional can certainly help you boost your event planner salary. Now you’re not just relying on your own experience, but on the reputation and experience of the well-known industry leaders that taught you. In our event design course, you’ll gain all the skills you need to get an event planned and executed, and you’ll get it from people who have “been there and done that” for decades. Learn how to keep up with trends, cater to all sorts of unique clients, tackle the nitty gritty of décor, and so much more.

Why Choose Our Event Design Course?

In addition to learning everything you need to become a leading event design professional, our course stands out for other reasons. First, it’s offered entirely online, so you can take it anywhere in the world, on your own time, and at your own pace. If you are working on becoming an event designer while still working in your day job, you can easily do so. If you’re filling a need in an area where there just aren’t many event designers, you don’t have to travel to get the education you need.

Next, our courses are led by industry professionals with decades of experience. We aren’t just teachers reading from a course book. We’re giving you our real-life experience, all packaged in a curriculum designed to help you succeed right away. We don’t just talk about designing. You also get a crash course in developing your brand as an event designer, marketing your services, and more.

Get Accredited from Home with IWED Global

Here’s how our online event planning and design course works. You choose your student kit, and then get started with the online learning. After going through the course, use our step-by-step videos and the kit to create your own designs, and submit them to us for review. Once we’ve determined that you’ve developed the skills you need to get started, you’re an accredited event design professional! You can start earning a higher event planner salary now that you have this accreditation behind you. Don’t wait to get started – find out how easy it is to build your resume with our online education for event design today.

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