Designing Themed Weddings

Designing Themed Weddings

If you’re well into your wedding designing career, or just starting out, you may get clients wishing for you to execute a themed wedding that they have always dreamed of. How will you meet your client’s goals and visions for their wedding day? IWED will be able to help.

Themed Wedding Designs

Whether your clients have a specific theme they want to achieve; like, a Disney theme, Winter Wonderland, Star Wars, etc., or wishing for a wedding with themed elements; like, a rustic theme, Indian wedding, virtual wedding design etc., the event designing course from IWED is going to be an asset with meeting your client’s goals.

IWED Event Designs

We hope that as an event and wedding decorator, you have backed your career up with some kind of accreditation. This will accelerate you in your career and assist in building a trusting reputation with your clients by simply attaining an event designing certificate.

If you don’t have anything behind your designing talents, IWED’s event designing course is an exceptional course to take for your event designing business. You can become an accredited event and wedding designer in a mere 5 days.

This course will especially become beneficial when you have clients looking for a themed wedding. This course gives you the confidence to execute any extravagant wedding designs that your clients will want.

Designing a Dream Wedding

Your clients come to you with specific visions to create a themed wedding. How are you going to assist them in bringing their wedding dreams to reality?

Sit with the client in a one-on-one setting. Use this time to work with them to get all of there visions jotted down in great length. The more details you have jotted down, the more ideas that can stem into making their wedding dreams come true.

Ask them questions like,

  • what theme are you trying to execute?
  • what made you want this theme for your wedding?
  • what is your personal connection to this theme?
  • do your guests connect to this theme?
  • to what degree do you want to see the theme incorporated into the wedding design?

The list of questions are endless, but in summary, you want to ask enough questions to your client to make them feel comfortable that you have an expectational grasp of their visions.

Also, asking questions that get your clients to relate the theme to the audience that will be in attendance,  gives you a sense of how much of the theme to incorporate into your client's dream wedding day.

Wedding Theme – Making it Perfect for Your Clients

After a detailed consultation has been completed, it is time for you to start preparing for the big day! Continue to refer back to your list of questions and answers from the original consultation. This document will become the, “designing bible”, to assure that you will perfectly achieve your client’s visions and give them their dream wedding.

Always continue to check in with your clients during your preparation process. They will find trust and an ease of mind knowing that you are making their themed wedding a priority. This is also beneficial for you as the wedding designer to make sure that your client’s visions haven’t changed from the original consultation.

Final Design Stages of the Themed Event

Checking off all of these steps, building a great relationship with your clients and executing the themed wedding design perfectly will lead you to the effective delivery of your client's dream wedding!

And who knows, clients or guests attending the themed wedding may be so inspired by your wedding design, that they're going to make you their next call for their event designing wishes!!

Go out and start nailing your themed wedding designs! Happy decorating!!

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